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Alien Psyop? U.S. "whistleblowers" claim that the government has them. Is this more b.s.?

Just about every American has heard the stories told by various "whistleblowers", claiming that the United States government has been collecting and reverse-engineering UFO spacecraft that have landed around the world. While many believe that we aren't alone in the universe (myself included), Americans are skeptical, expecting another plandemic-style false flag even designed to scare the crap out of us, and blindly follow the government's lead.

With this in mind, I had to ask myself: "If the government has retrieved alien technology, then why haven't average, every-day citizens also stumbling across the stuff, and taking it home to examine on their own?" After all, the "government" isn't everywhere, and they're wildly incompetent and wasteful at best.

Just one day after asking myself this question, I ran across this UFO encounter reported by a local Nevada news crew that provides an answer. Take a listen>> and scroll down below for more..

I do believe that alien spacecraft regularly passes over Earth, but for the most part, they are TERRIFIED of us, and based on what limited encounters they've had in the past, they've run screaming into the nethers of the Universe, for the most part.

This leaves the question: Will we EVER develop friendly relations with "aliens". Sure. I even outlined when it will occur in a previous post over a year ago (4/27/22), wherein I wrote:

"Yes, we will all be able to take trips into space in the near future...beginning 2036, or so, and it will become "casual fun and travel for the whole family" in 2040 and beyond. This, thanks to privately-funded companies like SpaceX, but also to at least one other publicly traded company that should emerge around 2026 (so, pay attention for an incredible investment opportunity!)

However, this kind of travel will be relegated to our own planetary system. Don't expect to shoot across the galaxy, or the universe for that matter until the 3000's (yes, it's coming!). When we do, there will be cooperative and friendly relationships made with alien planets and entities who may not necessarily be connected to one specific planet or galaxy. Of course this means that we will all have to learn to cooperate with one another here on Earth first, before we (should) blast into space like cowboys and expect to "conquer" it."

So, there IS alien contact coming, but it won't be "compliments of the U.S. (or any) government," that's for sure. Instead, it will come from the private sector. In the meantime, we've got a whole lot of work to do on ourselves before we do, lest we get sent to some desolate planet to finish the spiritual work on ourselves that we should be doing now!

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