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Baba Vanga predicted lab-made babies by 2023. Was she right? (Psychic predictions>>)

Updated: Jan 9

Bulgarian mystic, Baba Vanga (real name: Vangelia Gushterov), is credited with correctly predicting the 9/11 terror attacks. Also known as the "Nostradamus of the Balkans", she claimed to have received her ability to see into the future at the age of 12 when she lost her sight.

One of her last prophecies before she passed in 1996 was that human pregnancy and birth would be outlawed by the year 2023, and from that point forward, babies would be grown in labs, and genetically engineered.

Sound outlandish? Maybe not. Just over the last week or two, social media has been buzzing about the recently released Ectolife concept video (watch it below) featuring "artificial womb farms". In light of the significant interest in the subject on the part of the American public, I personally give the mystic a thumbs up for this one, despite the fact that, in my estimation, we are many years away from this becoming a reality. Even then, growing babies will be far different that one might imagine.

Brace yourself for the nightmare to come. More details, below>>

Below: In this creepy, dystopian visian of the future, creator Hashem Al-Ghaili, draws upon his knowledge of science and current research to formulate a fictional EctoLife baby factory, coming to a "Zone" near you!

As one of her 2023 predictions, Baba Vanga (pictured below) claimed that natural births would be banned and that humans would grow in labs. Leaders and medical experts would be able to decide who is born while parents would be able to customise their traits and appearance - like hair colour and eye colour. Credit:>>

Sound familiar? Well, if you watched the above video by Al-Ghaili, these ideas are swirling around in the minds of scientists and other maleficents intent on playing God. But, trust me, the reality of what will unfold in terms of "artificial childbirth" is far worse than you can imagine!

So let's start with the question, "Have scientists been successful in creating viable, "test tube" babies thus far?"

No. Not even close. It seems that God and Mother Nature just won't let this happen! Every time they seem to be getting close to forming a perfect human embryo, the whole process goes "out of whack", with an extra limb, for example, jutting out of the embryo's head. Or, the embryo (baby) is simply absorbed back into itself and the solution that it is grown in.

Note: Yes, I know that growing human embryos in a lab is considered to be illegal, but when has that stopped scientists?!

Over time (and, I would say for at least the next CENTURY), scientists will come very close to producing viable babies, but ultimately, these human infants cannot live in the real world! They're like "human blobs" with no real spinal cord and no ability to live long term. The natural process for creating a human baby is just so complicated that even AI (Artificial Intelligence) can't figure it out. Biological creation has and always will far outperform any alternative!

However, over the next one to two centuries, expect women to be forced to bear children, and it's likely that their wombs will be treated as "public resources". This will compel women to bear multiple children at once, many (if not all) belonging to other couples.

And, it gets worse!

By the year 2300, I can see innocent, healthy young women being enslaved, and kept in liquid filled biochambers (like those pictured in the video above, only bigger) where they'll be put into a stasis, to protect embryos and babies inside their wombs! It is sheer torture as their bodies can't move, but their minds will be fully alert throughout the entire process.

Many women will die in the chambers, but those who do manage to survive and escape will come back with a vengeance. These warrior women should be able to overturn this barbaric practice in short order. They'll also have a special attachment to the children they've borne, many of whom will be neglected if not completely abandoned by parents who have employed this dubious process.

It's all very "Handmaid's Tale", but it does have a happy ending for women in general who will evolve into powerful entities by the year 2500, taking over the rearing of families, and assuming the lead in the charge into space, the sciences, and spirituality/enlightenment. It will be an amazing time to be alive...if you're a woman.

Until then, women and their children over the next five centuries, will have to suffer all kinds of abuses and struggles in much the same way that political prisoners in China do today.

For now, it's important that we, as women, respect the perspectives of both sides of the abortion issue, and keep the unintended consequences (like that which I described above) of leaning one way or the other in mind. We can also see that the current trend towards marginalizing the roles of parents in "woke" schools, and the overt misogyny in drag queen culture which idealizes women as nothing more than blow up sex dolls, is leading us into a dystopian future where women are nothing more than "wombs" to be exploited.

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