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BOOM! As predicted, Feds drop 5 charges against SBF for FTX fraud.

Remember this little SH*T? Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) was in charge of one of the biggest crypto ponzis we've seen yet (although, you might put BNB, or Binance, the CCP-controlled centralized exchange right up there). FTX was used to pay off politicians, launder their money from the taxpayers cold, dead grip, through places like the Ukraine, then right back to the coffers of corrupt politicians (aren't they all?!) here in the USA.

Anyhoo, I claimed that SBF would escape charges by October of this year, and walk away a free man, and it looks like it's a near 100% probability that he will do so! Check out my original prediction(s) here, and watch as the the crypto market makes a nice little move up, beginning this Sunday, after another dip later this week.

HOWEVER, be aware that I still stand firm on my prediction that the Deep State, and the absolutely corrupt and disgusting Joe Biden, have put out a hit on President Trump (I'm putting this event around mid-July), and if they're successful it will rock the markets! So, be on alert.

Pictured below: SBF

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