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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK since 2019 has resigned. Who will take his place?

Boris Johnson, the bumbling Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who makes US President Joe Biden look competent, is OUT! In a surprise move, his cabinet members resigned en masse, forcing his reluctant decision to resign, too. However, don't expect him to leave right away. Here's what I think will happen, and who his replacement will be. More below...

Below: When it comes to UK politics, I get much of my news and opinion from the channel, below. Watch as he outlines his top picks for the next Prime Minister.

First, I want to say that it will take at least FOUR MONTHS for Johnson to officially vacate his seat as Prime Minister. Even then, Johnson will have to be forced to leave!

Rishi Sunak and Ben Wallace are Neil's top picks for Johnson's replacement, and I do agree with Neil that Wallace is the most likely to take on the position. However, he will not be official for at least another 7-8 months! In the months leading up to his taking on his new duties, there will be much jockeying for position with competitors like Sunak and others. Even after the transition, I can see that the new PM will have his hands full with political infighting and attempts to have him removed, too.

What's interesting to me about Wallace is that even though he will lead his cabinet and the country with an iron fist, he is not necessarily a war-monger. I see that any attempts on the part of the USA's Biden administration to influence the UK to escalate its war with Russia, will fall on deaf ears. The UK will be in a state of chaos, politically-speaking for months if not years to come, and this should help cool tensions between the UK and Russia...somewhat.

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