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Brunson Brothers Update: Has their case already been decided?

Despite rumors that the Brunson Brothers' Supreme Court case has already been decided in their favor, I'm sticking with my original timing (2032) for this whole election interference stuff to finally get some closure. And, as I predicted last December '22, the Supreme Court WILL RULE IN THE PEOPLE'S FAVOR and over 385 members of Congress, VP Pence, President Biden and Kamala Harris will (SHOULD) be asked to leave office (if they haven't already).

With this in mind, check out my latest update video on Youtube or Rumble, and also follow this link for a "where we are now" summary that explains how the Supreme Court has passed the Brunson case back to another court (remember my prediction that they'd pass this case around "like a hot potato"?). That's not stopping the Brunsons!

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