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Bud Light & Dylan Mulvaney: What does the future hold? (Predictions)

Check out my latest video post on Rumble and Youtube (see below) regarding the future of Bud Light. (Hint, it doesn't look good!)

In this video, I promised a peek in to Dylan Mulvaney's future, but let's start with a look at his past...(Scroll down below for more).

According to some online accounts, Dylans parents, James and Donna, were the perfect parents. Donna was a homemaker, and James was an addict who gave it all up, just in time for lovely little Dylan to enter the world. From there, James easily dropped his drug habit thanks to "baking cookies" that he never sells, but gives away, while Donna was (and still is) incredibly supportive of Dylan's transgenderism.

LOL! The reality couldn't be further from the truth as far as I see it! Father James was violent and unpredictable, and it appears as if he took control of the raising of little Dylan for at least the first five years of Dylan's little life. Something must have happened to Dad around year 5 or 6 (relapse perhaps?), and Mom took control of the child's rearing...for a while.

At that point, little Dylan had developed a "little emperor" mentality, and grew to be very bossy towards his mother, and even violent with her in his teen years (just like dad!) Meanwhile, dad joined in on the fun, and really did not make mom's life easy. She was busy managing two complete narcissists, and was bullied by them both. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Dylan is mimicking his mother in his 365 days of womanhood act.

Dylan's family life was a complete mess, with both parents slipping in and out of their parenting roles. Dylan just compensated by "running the show", and I see that he pretty much was on his own by 16, and lived on the periphery of the gay community.

So, as you can imagine, Dylan has grown into a self-absorbed "piece of work", and is someone I wouldn't trust with the care of a dog or cat, let alone a child. Like many of the gays that I've read for over the years, Dylan enjoys the lifestyle merely as a means to get attention, and is not really looking for a mutually loving relationship at all, no matter what he says.

I really don't see Dylan as someone who is "embraced" by the gay community, but rather is always looking in from the outside. So, it makes sense for him to latch on to the "next level" which is this full-on tranny act.

With that being said, I think this whole "I'm a woman in a man's body" thing is yet another passing fad for Dylan, who I can see may actually be raped within the next 4-5 years, and this could really send him into a psychological tailspin. I wouldn't be surprised to see him completely disappear from the LGBTQ XYZ PDQ scene right after that. (This could be from illness/death, drug use or simply escaping to a more quiet life somewhere.)

So, as I see it, this dude is a very tragic figure with a very gloomy future, but I have no sympathy for him, really. He is, after all, an adult.

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