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According to NASA, we're in the midst of a "Grand Solar Minimum". What comes next?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) has begun and some say will last until 2053. While NASA says it will not necessarily bring forth an ice age, the subtle weather changings affecting the earth are already causing late frosts and shortened growing seasons.

Check out the latest post from "Ice Age Farmer" who has been following the effects of the current GSM around the globle.

Q. Will we see a sharp increase in the price of food?

Yes! I expect to see a sharp increase in the cost (and limited availability) of many food items in late January 2021, especially related to the strange Iowa storms earlier this year. I can see people simply putting a lot of items back on the grocery store shelves as they shop, because they'll just become too expensive for many of us.

What should we stock up on or enjoy now? Dried milk and dried fruits like dates, cherries, raisins; many cuts of beef and some pork products (poultry looks okay); and seeds and plants (especially fruits, for some reason) are just a few things that jump out at me.

Fortunately, energy costs remain relatively low in 2021, and over the next 2-4 years. There is plenty of energy to go around, it seems, but that won't stop very harsh and strict emissions laws from being put in to effect seven or so years out, all designed to restrict independent movement and liberty.

The bottom line is, the faster you can move to prepare for more self-sufficiency, and freedom from having to drive long distances on a regular basis, the better!

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