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Caution: Bitcoin pullback incoming. Get ready for buying opportunity!

Just a quick update for those interested:

In a previous crypto currency prediction for ADA (Cardano), I pointed to the possibility of a pullback in early February 2023 for the entire crypto space after a nice beginning to the New Year. Here we are on the brink of February 1st, and good analysts (I like Crypto Crew and sometimes Sheldon of Crypto Banter) are warning of this possibility! And, while the price of BTC could drop significantly from the recent high of almost $24,000 by the second to third week of February, I'm not really worried about the price since is should bounce back pretty quickly for a solid showing through March, followed by a nice alt-coin rall, according to chart analyst, Sheldon.

So, head's up. There's opportunity incoming!

Below: One of the solid coins with great potential during this next rally is ADA (Cardano), which I also pointed to in a previous post. According to Sheldon of Crypto Banter in this mornings show, he said that ADA could pull back to as low as $.30, which is slightly better than I initially thought! So, be patient and watch for a good buying opportunity (whether you go short first, then long, it's all good, IMO).


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