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Chain of events: Bank bail-Ins are coming soon. Here's what you can expect. (Predictions)

Are you concerned about a global banking/currency collapse? If you're not, you should be, but the good news is that we've still got a little time to prepare and take advantage of a few key investment opportunities in between. More below>>

Below: Lynnette Zang of ITM Trading has been pounding the physical gold and silver drum for years, but now, it's time to pay attention! Here, she outlines exactly what's going on in the banking system and why you should be concerned...VERY concerned!

Just about every financial guru on Youtube has been screaming, "The collapse (of the US dollar) is here!" And, while I agree that the West is on the decline, and will inevitably collapse, you've got some extra time to prepare for the worst. But, "how" and "when"?

Here is my timeline for the events to come, as well as some quick tips on how you can come out the other side ahead of the crowd.

1. This year (2023) on into the first month or two of 2024 will be very bullish for cryptocurrencies:

In previous posts as far back as February of 2022, I warned about the May 2022 crypto crash, but pointed to a far more bullish year in 2023. At the start of this year, we can already see much more optimism surrounding the space, and it should continue. Check out my most recent post here>>

**Please note, my plan is to be completely out of crypto after early 2024 as I don't see much of the market surviving 2026. However, there will be some technologies that will continue on.

2. Not accumulating physical gold? No problem. There's still time!

I have published several posts on gold and silver, but in my latest post on the subject, I gave some specific timelines for both precious metals as follows:

"No worries if you currently don't hold gold! Its value will not shoot up in price for another 2-3 years, and that's not before we experience more major price suppression through the beginning of 2025. Beginning in late 2025, we should see gold surge in price, and from there, it will climb steadily upwards for several years."

"Silver's price, on the other hand, could see some modest growth in early 2023, and again around late summer of next year into early 2024. It should soften for several months after that, and then spike in early 2025, and hold strong (with some additional gains) through the very early part of 2026."

"HOWEVER, be cautious about silver after early 2026. It's value could drop sharply and not recover as quickly as gold will (if at all)."

3. Oil/gas prices should plunge in 2023 providing a huge investment opportunity. They steadily increase in 2024.

I am warning about significant food shortages in many areas of the USA, especially from April 2023 through September. Along with that will come the collapse in the oil/gas prices (deflation). However, this trend will reverse (hyper-inflation) through 2024, providing a terrific investment opportunity and gains for those interested in these stocks.

4. The year 2025 will be a good year to invest in traditional stocks.

It's as if we all know intuitively what is to come in the year 2026 (bank bail-ins), so expect the stock market to make a good run right up until around September of this year. After this date, we'll all need to find safety in traditional assets like land and gold (hence, the major run in gold price during the timeframe outlined above), because fiat currency will dramatically decrease in value.

4. 2026 Bank Bail-ins and Currency "Reset"

Bail-ins (bank seizures of YOUR MONEY) are nothing new. In a previous post, I warned that 2026 could be the year that it finally happens.>>

" the case of the upcoming reset that I 'see' coming for the West in the year 2026 (that's four years out so you've got time to prepare), the entire Western banking system will actually SIEZE currency in bank accounts (savings and checking, personal and commercial), and simply replace it with a bastardized digital version that will be centrally controlled. In the process, it is safe to assume that cash withdrawals will be restricted (Nigerian-style) until the entire system is forced to go digital."

Check out my original post here>>

6. For those who survive with some funds intact, early 2027 is a good stock market period, but won't last long.

Also, AmeriKa's vocal, woke, minority will attempt to seize control over EVERYTHING, including personal property! This could lead to the (temporary?) break-up of the USA that I've been predicting for years. (More on that later).

So, this is just a quick overview of events to come along with some timing to help you time your investments. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for more updates and details!

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