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China is starving and angry. Are these Xi Jinping's last days? Predictions...

Back in 2018, I predicted that Xi Jinping (see video, below), the current President of the People's Republic of China, would begin a long and arduous ouster beginning in 2022/2023, with his ultimate execution a few years later. Now, in light of the fact that the Chinese are being starved to death in major cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai under China's zero tolerance for the common cold and flu (errr, Covid), it seems that this possibility has become a very strong probability! More below...

Below: In this nightmarish video leaked from China and posted to social media, we can hear hundreds (if not thousands) of Chinese screaming for food and water from the isolation of their locked-down apartment high-rises.

Back in 2018, when Xi Jinping was voted "Leader for Life" of China, it seemed hard to imagine that his leadership, and ultimately his life, would be cut short by his own people! Now, in light of the CCP's brutal 'zero tolerance' policy towards Covid, and the Chinese people's growing anger over it, we can see that this could be the beginning of the end for the communist regime that currently controls China.

Here's my original prediction that I posted back in 2018. Check out my updates, below...

Is this genocide? Of course it is! The Chinese are not above starving millions upon millions of their own people to make a political point.* Remember, it was Chairman Mao who collectivised the production of food throughout the country in the 1950's and 60's, starved millions, and then purged anyone who disagreed with him, all thanks to the cooperation of the masses. (My friend Hong was a child living in China during Mao's reign, and she remembers dissidents being rounded up, tortured and murdered in the streets by her very own neighbors!)

* I must add that despite the Chinese purchasing just about any food items they can from America, and shipping them by the boatload to China, much of this food is actually dumped offshore. This leads me to wonder if the CCP isn't actually trying to starve both the Americans AND their own people at the same time!

Now, in this dystopian nightmare of urban life in cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai (among many other major Chinese cities), they're even rounding up domesticated dogs and cats, and brutally beating them in the streets, fearing that they are contributing to the 'spread' of the common cold and flu....errr, Covid. (I won't show these videos here...they're horrible to watch, but yes, this is happening, people).

With this in mind, let's take an updated look at Xi Jinping's future, and whether my original 2018 prediction still holds:

Yes, I can still 'see' Xi Jinping pushed out of his leadership position in relatively short order (2023, if not sooner). There is already much infighting within the CCP, but there is one young leader ready to step up, and take over, when the time is right (2024 is what I estimate).

I have to say that this leader is very inwardly focused on mending the Chinese economy and the Chinese people, too. In much the same way that Donald Trump was focused on "Make America Great Again," so, too, will this new Chinese leader take a similar stance.

As a result, I can see that China is about to make an 'about face', focusing on healthcare, rearing children, and in general, improving the everyday life of its citizens. Gone will be the CCP's desire to dominate the world, and instead, the focus will be protecting borders, and the culture.

However, be aware that this period of renewed nationalism will be short-lived, lasting only about 4-6 years or so. In the years that follow, I can 'see' that there is some sort of power vacuum, which will create much confusion among the tightly controlled population. However, it will be up to the Chinese people, this time, to rebuild the country on their own, rather than bend to the will of a group of thugs.

As a result, by 2040, as I predicted in the video above, China will be "the place to be", with a focus on farming, and manufacturing. Food will be abundant, and that certainly will lead to a lot of happiness! However, the tides could change once again, leading to a highly militarized China, much like it is today. By the year 2100, we will see the population of China decrease dramatically, and tightly packed into modernized cities.

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