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Chinese children and A.I. mind control: Here's why they want your young children masked up!

The Chinese communists (and, many Westerners, too) salivate over the idea of absolute control, and now, they're conducting their own (misguided, unscientific) experiments on young children. American loonies aren't far behind in grooming young kids and their parents to become accustomed to wearing foreign objects on their faces. Could this be why so many American beaurocrats, like New York City mayor Eric Adams (D), are so intent on keeping toddlers to teens strapped into useless face masks? Can we expect to see this type of technology forced on kids in the future? Here's what we can expect below...

Years ago, I began worrying about the future of humanity, and I've said over and over again, that we'll be lucky to have another 300 short years on this earth. In addition to predicting the creation of the deadly virus that will ultimately 'melt' the human body, and much of this planet's organic life forms, I also wrote (in a previous publication) that within the next 50 years or so, humans would be locked into a virtual world with permanent implants in their brains.

Here (video, above) we see the use of a medical device being used to monitor kids' attention levels in Chinese schools. As good communist party members, all rooting for the advancement of China, it is certain that Chinese parents are going along with this craziness.

Americans won't be far behind, but I don't expect to see this type of technology uniformly used in the classroom for at least another 20 years. Instead, virtual reality headsets and applications, if not already in testing, will be available for American parents interested in diagnosing their child's behavior and learning patterns. This isn't such a bad idea for kids who suffer from learning disabilities, especially if it is properly administered by people who actually know what they're doing!

When these types of VR headsets are rolled out into the classrooms, many will protest (at first), but kids will soon start BEGGING to be wired up! And, eventually, permanent head "implants" will arrive, and kids will simply need to plug in!

Of course in China, these types of things are already being tested, and will be rolled out en masse within a decade. However, the consequences of relying on such technology will be devastating! While the Americans will beg for our version of the technology, the Chinese will soon shun it, thanks to kids who will run crying and screaming from it! Good for them.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that this virtual reality technology will be forced onto many around the world, and it will (figuratively speaking) "freeze humanity's evolution in place". It ushers forth the end of humanity as we know it.

For those who know better than to strap themselves in like this, they will evolve in a manner that humans were destined for, far surpassing their hard-wired peers. However, as we've seen with this masking up b.s., the peer pressure, and even violence against those who won't comply, could bring a horrible end to those who don't "go along to get along."

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