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Crypto: It's worse than I thought! (Kinda)

I my last post, I mentioned that I thought the bottom of the crypto (BTC-Bitcoin, in particular) was in, but that we could retest the most recent bottom. However, as we're edging towards July, it could get worse than I thought, LONGER than I thought. I think this ultra-bearish market could extend at least another three (3) weeks from today! But, the good news is, there should be a solid rebound shortly thereafter. More below...

Below: This infamous young woman must have felt like many crypto investors since the beginning of May. However, things are about to get much better, so say "good-bye" to the tears and "hello" to crypto profits.

Disclaimer: This is not 'investment advice'. Anything within my blog posts are my opinions only, and should be used as entertainment only. Cryptos are extremely volatile, and as you can see, their value can crash to zero in the blink of an eye, and investors can lose everything. Remember, only risk what you are willing to lose!

Be sure to check out my last post. As you can read, I chose DOGE for a short-term bounce from the mid-$.05 range (it nearly hit $.08!). Over the next two to three weeks, it should pull back to the $.05 range, possibly lower. From there, if my previous prediction is correct, it should start moving again after mid-July.

Here's an exerpt from my initial prediction:

"...DOGE should increase in price in early June and mid-to-late July, along with just about every other coin that will take a beating around mid-May through early June timeframe. DOGE should also enjoy a spike in the 4th quarter of this year, and very early 2023..."

Remember, I have a target price in the $.80 range for DOGE within the next few months, so there's significant room for profit.

I have also mentioned in a previous post that APE could see a surge in August, which I will be looking at closely by the second week in July. Like I said in my original post, I'm not looking to hold this Sh@tcoin longer than the spike in early August.

The bottom line is, it looks as if we're looking at a mid-to late-July timeframe to be out of the mire, and back on track to some good gains. Since we're just about to enter July, there's still plenty of time to be dollar cost averaging, or preparing to pick up some cheap crypto over the next 2-3 weeks in time for some gains in early August through the end of the year.

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