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Crypto Update: DOGE holds strong. Bull run on the horizon? SBF still free. (Predictions)

Over the last few weeks, the crypto space has been all "gloom and doom", but as far as I can see, we're turning a corner, and the year-end and early 2023 should hold some nice surprises for investors weary of all the fear porn. Still, we could see one last (small) pullback within the next 12-14 days, but as I said before, I'm not seeing a crash to $12k or below as many have feared all year! (More below)...

Below: My favorite analyst Steve of Crypto Crew gives an update and month-end good news, and caution for interested investors.

Crypto Overall:

Watch for a steady increase in some of the more established coins from mid-December through April of 2023, with BIG GAINS in June after a pullback in May. The Fall of 2023 holds promise as well as we head into a strong first quarter of 2024. If you're patient, and love dollar cost averaging, watch for the inevitable dips to accumulate.

* Remember, crypto investments do not move in a straight line up, and the timeframes that I outline above (and in all of my posts) are typically preceded by significant pullbacks in the market!

DOGE is up over 20%

Despite the fact that DOGE has held strong over the last few weeks after a significant upward move in late October, I have mixed feelings about DOGE in 2023. It appears to be quite volatile next year, but as we move into very early January from where we stand now, it should see gains of up to 50% or more. Consider it a good short-term play. The best timing for DOGE to "shoot to the moon" in 2023 would be the August timeframe (watch for updates on this).

Other Cryptos

I'll be going through some of the top cryptos on and will publish a full report of the 2023 winners and losers before Christmas, so if you have any special requests, post them for FREE in the comments below (scroll way down) or Buy Me a Coffee and include your request in the comment area provided.


So far, Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) of the bankrupt FTX has managed to evade criminal charges (as I predicted). Fortunately for the crypto space, at the moment, it looks as if the government will fail to "regulate" (crush) the space (for now).

Despite all the gloom and doom over the SBF/FTX stuff, I'm pleasantly surprised to see most of the major cryptos holding strong, so stay tuned for a much better 2023.

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