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Crypto Update: Is it FINALLY Cardano's (ADA) time? Predictions.

How many months (if not YEARS) have we all heard the claims that Cardano (ADA) is "going to the moon"!? In my opinion, ADA's day in the sun is right on the horizon but, I'm not going to make any "to the moon" promises...just good, steady gains if you buy the dips. More below...

Please note that the following is not intended to be financial advice! It is merely my own 'prediction' or opinion of the potential price movements in the crypto market, and should be taken as entertainment purposes only. Be sure that you never invest any money that you can't afford to lose, and apply sensible, dollar cost averaging techniques to minimize losses.

It's New Year's Eve, and for the first time, I'm encouraged by what I see coming in the early part of 2023. While I do see the possibility of a dip to the $14k level for BTC (Bitcoin) sometime in the first two months of year (perhaps early February), that's not going to hold me back from dollar cost averaging alt coins during these periods. I'm especially interested in coins like ADA which have a track record behind them, and at least one major competitor ready to go bust (Solana, in ADA's case)!

And, for the first time in over a year, ADA could finally enjoy good upward movement right through April, and then again during the end of the year right into the early 2024 "blow-off top" to the market.

Right now, ADA is trading around $.25, but I do think it could dip lower from time-to-time...even as low as $.18-.20 through February! But, with good dollar cost averaging (DCA) practices, and a solid upside, I like it, especially with a solid April and even June just around the corner.

Of course there are many other coins that will enjoy this modest first quarter into June 2023 recovery. This is just one opportunity as I see it.

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