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Crypto Update Part 2: The February 2023 Big Dip, the US Dollar, the GBP & Euro. (Predictions)

If you're an an American (like me) intending to buy and ultimately relocate overseas, you've most likely encountered assets priced in British pounds or euros, both of which have held stronger values against the USD. However, the USD will become even more valuable against these currencies during several key periods in 2023 providing a significant discount on asset purchases. With that said, be aware that when the dollar is strong, your crypto values will suffer. (More below...)

If you're someone like me who has grown weary of the Western "Five Eyes" (USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia & Canada + Europe) wokeism, the clear intentions of these countries to roll out a centrally-controlled F-up'd dystopia is scaring the crap out of you, so much so that you're seeking "safe haven" alternatives. In my case, even though I own property in facist-controlled Italy, I've been seeking greener pastures in former Soviet era countries (Eastern Europe) who are now free from their communist overlords, yet are smart enough to avoid fully committing themselves to European control.

So, of course I'm interested in the drastic swings in currencies that we've seen lately. Unfortunately, they do affect the crypto market (when the USD goes up, the crypto market goes down). But, if you're looking to invest in properties overseas, especially in areas where they have their own currency, yet actively trade in euros or pounds, there are several time periods ahead when you should be prepared to pull money out of your cryptos and invest it in areas that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for dollar holders.

Right now, we can see that the exchange rate between the dollar and euro is at near parity, but the GBP is a bit stronger. That's a problem if you're looking to buy a property in GBP! However, in February, we should see the dollar strengthen against the GBP and euro, and this trend should continue into March!

March '23 is a great time to move dollars into these two currencies to purchase assets at a deep discount. July is also a decent time, but October of 2023 is pretty stupendous for dollar holders! This trend could also continue into January of 2024 but from that point forward, I would dump the dollar, and be sure that your holdings are very diversified (gold and SILVER are great investments in 2024, but especially 2027!) As you know (I say this over and over), my plans are to be completely OUT of cryptos by 2026, and I will consider precious metals from that point forward.

The bottom line is the dollar will retain its "top dog" reserve currency position for a few more years, but this is all kind of a game of Jenga...just one critical straw will be pulled a few years out, and the dollar system will collapse. It will take down an entire global system that has created the biggest A-hole multi-billionaires the world have ever seen. Good riddance!

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