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Donald Trump Update: The End of Amerika, but the Birth of Something Better?

The American "Deep State" was born after World War 2 with the creation of the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex, and eventually (in the 1970's, especially) a global reserve "fiat" currency controlled by European elite. Since then, the mafia-infested intelligence agencies who work for the big banks have quietly laundered trillions of American dollars throughout the world, enriching themselves and their overlords with hard-earned wealth stolen from the American people.

American has become a corrupt "AmeriKa" that serves the global elite to the detriment of its own citizens.

Never before have we seen such complete and utter disregard for the will of the American people...the quiet majority...by the political elite, than we have in the years leading up to the recent 2020 election. Yes, the election was stolen by corrupt politicians, foreign countries, big banks, and corporations who "flooded the channel" with waves of propaganda and election fraud...but did they steal the country? What's next for our beloved President, and for the United States of America? More below...

Video: In a recent message, President Trump promised, "Our incredible journey is just beginning." (January 2021)

So let's get down to "brass tacks".

First: YES! President Trump was re-elected by the American public, and the states that I previously outlined have indeed "flipped", and they did send "alternative electors" to the January 6th 2021 counting of the electoral votes. However, the traitorous VP Pence (which I predicted over 2 years ago), threw the President "to the wolves" (or so to speak) and disregarded the severe election irregularities (fraud) in favor of the corrupt Biden/China/IMF regime.

Second: In my previous predictions, I did not "see" Biden being sworn in, but considering that President Trump has "dissed" the inauguration, and Biden has serious problems attracting more than a handful of fans, it's not likely that the inauguration will be anything more than a simple, "staged" event. (Interesting too, that there may be no "swearing on the Bible" which is a deep and meaningful American tradition.)

Third: While I do fear for President Trump's life, I absolutely, positively see him coming forward as a big and powerful influence over America and our politics within just a few months. Initially, he does spend a lot of time in what feels like a foreign, tropical environment for a much-needed rest (and for his own protection) beginning in January, but he will be back, focused entirely on building a new America, free from the control of the Deep State criminals, the European banks and global elite.

President Trump is now free to set up "operations" creating many new big business opportunities in the heartland of America. He is also free to leak inside information about the corruption that has embedded itself in Washington D.C. that will further enrage Americans, and ultimately lead to the creation of new "nation state" powers, beginning with what I call "Texifornia." It won't happen overnight, but rather, will be a decade-long process.

Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C , chaos will continue. The American public is outraged, and the recent mob attack on Congress on January 6th only "humanized" the cowards (Pelosi, McConnell, Romney) that have enriched themselves for years through their illegal inside dealings (money laundering, pay to play, etc.) Don't expect Trump (MAGA) supporters to go away quietly. There will be so much public pressure placed on politicians going forward that I would be surprised to see them get anything of any real meaning done. The public has realized that the federal government is an outdated relic of the past! It's time for a change.

I do fear that the new administration and it's strong Socialist voices will continue to send troops around the world, and wars will be intensified. Trump, on the other hand, has developed many strong relationships with former military professionals who will eagerly get on board the New American bandwagon, so in this, I do not fear a Ukrainian-style hot civil war where the military was used against the country's own people.

All in all, there is hope for a revitalized America, but we should expect to make some short- and long-term sacrifices of liberal states and cities that embrace socialism and global communism. These initiatives always fail, but if you're smart, you'll look for areas of the country where you can live free, and preserve ownership of your wealth and property.

It's time to start thinking creatively about what you would want in a new America. And socialists, you can STAY OUT!)

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