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Experts Agree: Aliens are TERRIFIED of humans! (Video)

Everyone's talking about ALIENS, so in a recent post, I took a look at exactly what they think about we humans! The answer was surprising: "They're terrified of us!" In particular, I wrote:

"I do believe that alien spacecraft regularly passes over Earth, but for the most part, they are TERRIFIED of us, and based on what limited encounters they've had in the past, they've run screaming into the nethers of the Universe, for the most part."

It's always fun for me to make these predictions, because ultimately, something catches my eye on Youtube that confirms my suspicion. Here, Dr. Steven Greer verifies my prediction with his own insights into what's really going on with our "relationship" with aliens. Listen, below>> and be sure to check out my original prediction for a rehash of the timeframes wherein we'll actually meet aliens face to face on a friendly basis.

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