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Former President Trump's home raided. Will he be arrested next? (Psychic predictions)

Amerikah! Amerik...huh? America's corrupt "government" actually launched of an (illegal) raid on a former U.S. President...Donald Trump. Some fear that an arrest is next. Here's what I "see"...

Pictured below: Mark Dice is a long-time political commentator with a large following on Youtube. Check out his latest post below...

If you've read my previous posts, I've warned that "the calvary isn't coming to save America" (I'm paraphrasing), and that I fear that the corrupt politicians, bankers and corporations who have taken over the Oval Office, will continue on with yet another four years of rule over this dying country. It is a dark future, one that has become more evident with the recent FBI raid of former President Trump's residence and business in Florida.

So, let me cut to the chase: Yes, I believe that the Biden (Obama-Clinton-Bush) administration will attempt to tie Trump up legally (and hence, drain his wealth with legal bills) and we should start to see this all come to the forefront with some big charges within 3-5 months or so. However, Trump is smart, and I fully expect him to keep his lips tightly sealed, with the knowledge that even the smallest phrase in his own defense can be held against him.

Nonetheless, Trump has launched his first campaign-style video ("America in Decline"), and I would expect him to continue down the road to re-assuming the presidency. However, I am afraid of how the 80,000 new IRS officials will be put to use over the next two years, stomping down those who support traditional American values and exercise their right to freedom of speech, and seeding fear in those who intend to vote Trump back into office. (In other words, as was the case with the fake pandemic, we can expect to see more dubious voting processes put into place, and a whole lot of government-sponsored terror).

Honestly, it is very hard for me to "see" who will be the next President of the USA! Clearly, we have a man in office who does not belong there, and most certainly did not obtain the office legally! Of course, I pray that things will be different, and will most certainly cast my vote, no matter what.

I have always suspected that they'd trot out someone like Michelle Obama. After all, the Obama's know how to run a race-charged campaign which gets out the black vote, and Michelle herself talks a really good game, but deep down inside, she's hateful and ruthless. She'll be even more destructive than Biden!

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