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Futurecast: Unlike the Dot-Com Boom that Led to Just 1, the Crypto Boom Will Create MANY!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Some experts are comparing the cryptocurrency revolution to the Dot-Com boom, with dire warnings that it could implode in just the same manner. However, there's are at least three differences between the "Bitcoin Revolution" and the Dot-Com boom/bust that you should know: More below>>>

We're already hearing the naysayers talk about the "Bitcoin Bubble" as being some kind of short term "pump and dump" that is destined to leave the "bag-holders" empty handed, but not so! I fully expect to see continual gains (and yes, tons of volatility which I absolutely LOVE!) through 2023 and beyond. And, there are many, many reasons for this, but I'll just outline three(3) that will emerge over time:

(1) Crypto currencies, are, in effect, self-regulated by their users. Plus, trading is not regulated to the hyper-manipulated U.S. (or Chinese) stock markets which cater to big investors' advantage. There are more than one crypto trading platforms now, and watch as several more emerge over time that will provide even more value to traders.

(2) There are oh-so many crypto "stocks" (or so to speak) to choose from, and these numbers will expand over time, yielding at least forty (40) or more Amazon-size options to choose from, all competing with each other (and, future competitors) with new value-added features and functionality. Why choose a centralized IMF/Chinese/US Deep State DUD when you can invest in truly transparent and community-owned crypto options?

(3) Yes, the "New World Order" crowd with its centralized digital currency and hyper-controlling "social credit system" will win over some of the mindless masses, but there are far too many smart - to genius level humans in this world who won't put up with it, and will most likely migrate to areas of the United States and around the world that are freedom-friendly.

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