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God's Currency? Crypto's Amazing Future is Unfolding NOW!

As I had predicted in 2016 (and prior), the United States would begin its break-up into at least 3 different "nation states", beginning with Texas leading the charge in 2020. However, the second-largest "nation state" of the three, as I had predicted, will be centered around the Great State of Florida, and now we can see it happening, beginning with Miami's announcement that they intend to invest in crypto and pay its employees in Bitcoin instead of dollars. WOW! (More below)...

A Lot of Miami Bus Drivers and Sanitation Workers are About to be Bitcoin Millionaires!

This is how the world should be run...that is by forward-thinking elected politicians who have the welfare of their constituency, and the employees who serve heart.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and his team just passed a resolution to allow the city to pay its employees in Bitcoin. It will also allow citizens to pay taxes with crypto, too, and I would imagine, would be one giant step forward for the adoption of this de-centralized form of currency, too!

And, what's interesting is that there's a trend towards the break-up of Florida into even more independent factions that encourage true democracy and compete for residence from around the globe in terms of offering real value in terms of services, reduced taxes, and of course a sound monetary system to back it all up!

Go Florida or go bust (literally)! if you are considering leaving the economic "dead zones" of the American Northeast, Mid-west and Northwest. The South is the place to be.

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