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Hands down: This is the biggest idiot in the crypto space! (No, alt-coins won't be banned!)

Okay, so I've been on vacation from this blog and even from crypto investing, so I honestly didn't anticipate this significant market decline! (Rest assured, I have previously warned readers about a bigger one coming in August.) Since I believed August would present a better opportunity after a "reset" of many top coins, I held back.

Nevertheless, I'm utterly astonished by the exaggerated reactions of some individuals to the much-needed and predicted scrutiny of BINANCE, operated by the CCP, and Coinbase, which is managed by one of those Millennials... you know, the ones who claim to rectify the mistakes of their corrupt predecessors but end up being more corrupt and incompetent themselves?!

So, here's what this person just claimed in his live broadcast moments ago: "The U.S. is banning altcoins!"

Well, that's simply not true.

" is closing its U.S. operations!"

Again, that's not accurate!

Now that you know crypto is far from over, let's consider when the next market bottom will occur. (More details below)

Below: After years of observing these individuals and falling victim to their "pump and dump" schemes and fear-mongering tactics, I'm appalled that they have arrived at this baseless conclusion about the U.S. crypto market. (Fools!)

First and foremost, let's remember that investing in crypto is highly speculative. Many companies in this space with ludicrous valuations are nothing more than scams. However, there will be some winners in the long run, as certain entities are developing intriguing technologies. Let's give the market another two weeks to stabilize, shall we?

For now, I'm holding back as I foresee a couple more significant dips that could bring some promising cryptocurrencies to reasonable price levels.

Personally, I have an affinity for DOGE, and I hope it remains at or drops below the current range of $0.06. Additionally, ETH has always been one of my favorites for June, and of course, my little "wildcard" is SPELL.

By the way, I previously cautioned against SOL (Solana) a while back. Can you believe that Crypto Banter (mentioned above) was trying to promote it a few days ago?! What on earth?!

Anyway, stay updated with the news and keep an eye out for those two upcoming dips, which should lead to a nice rebound in July. Also, remember to engage in short-term trades as July will bring more negative news, possibly leading to a significant crash in August! After that, we can expect decent gains heading into early 2024.

"It ain't over 'til it's over."

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