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Here comes the memes! Humor sheds light on the truth, and good politicians know how to use it.

As anyone with half-a-brain could have expected, the AmeriKan DOJ and FBI are so corrupt, they can't even release the warrant used to raid a former sitting U.S. President's private residence without redacting...well, pretty much everything (see below). It has launched a treasure trove of memes surrounding this dubious governmental practice designed to protect the guilty and leave the innocent scratching their heads in confusion! More below...

Below: Special thanks to TheGatewayPundit.com:

If you've worked with the Akashic Records as I have over the years, you know that "they" (the collective of the Records) has a terrific sense of humor, and will oftentimes poke fun and humanity and our silliness. Humor has historically been used to bring light to the corrupt, and soften the defenses of individuals who would otherwise simply ignore the truth. This year, we're seeing more and more humor used by the "new" Republicans led by the Trump family and his supporters.

For example, President Trump's son, Don Jr. has been wildly active on social media since the family left Washington D.C. Expect more where these little gems came from...

Below: "BDE" is a new term being used for President Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Here, Don Jr. highlights (or, rather REDACTS) this enormous theme:

The snivelly little CEO of Facebook publicly admitted that he supressed conversations surrounding the horrible reality of the Biden family, and in particular, the President's drug-addict son, Hunter Biden, thanks to the corrupt FBI.

There are plenty more where these came from, so I'm looking forward to a lively election season, and perhaps now that Facebook's CEO "Zuck" has decided to publicly come clean about his company's dubious practice of supressing the truth...or at least allowing open conversations about it...perhaps people will finally wake up? Naaah.

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