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How I Used Visualization to Avoid a Near-Kitten Katastrophe!

About a month ago, I was turning out of the driveway of my rural home, to head into the neighboring town to do some work, when I noticed a small box in the ditch by my mailbox. I immediately stopped, dreading what could be inside this taped-up box (scroll down to see pic of the actual box!), and sure enough, there were two small kittens who have since happily settled into my home. (More below...)

Little Pumpkin and Princess are quite a bit bigger now, and enjoy being able to run in and out of the house to play, diving underneath the front steps when I try to collect them to put them back inside--kind of like a kitty "Wackamole". They're much better at the game than I am, easily evading capture, so I usually just leave the front door cracked when I know I'm just running into town and back to allow them to head back inside when they're ready.

Long story short: Yesterday I went into town to drop off some packages (I sell stuff online) at the local postal store which was co-located in the Walmart plaza. It was several hours later when I went to feed the kitties that I noticed one was missing! And, in my mind's eye, I could see that the little creature had hitched a ride under my van that morning, and was left behind in town. I could "see" that the kitty would be back in my possession somehow, but that a kind woman had rescued her hours earlier, so I wasn't too worried. Still, I wanted my baby back!

I raced back into town to talk to the owners of the postal store (even though I could have easily called), but they hadn't heard of anyone asking about a cat. They promised to let me know if they did. I looked around in the bushes, and nothing.

Sadly, I headed home, and just about half-way there, I got a text from the ladies at the postal store. A woman named Lilly had just called them to let them know that she had found my kitty earlier that day.

I called Lilly right away, and raced over to the other side of the county to pick up little Princess. I asked the kind woman what had happened. Apparently, Lilly, who had run a small kitty rescue in the past, had heard a kitten crying when she was leaving the plaza to go to the hospital for a check-up. On a hunch, she stopped and saw my little girl under a car near the bushes, exactly where I had looked earlier.

She called the kitty who came right to her, and put her in her car. Not having time to stop to inquire about her because of her upcoming doctor's appointment, she wondered how such a healthy friendly kitty could have ended up there.

Hours later, just as I was back at the plaza looking for my little girl, the woman had a thought that she should call the postal store to inquire whether they knew anything about the cat. That was less than 10 minutes after I left!

So now, thanks to this kind lady, Princess is back at home, and is thrilled to be reunited with her little brother Pumpkin, and her big brother Sophia (yes, a boy kitty). Even the dogs, who generally are annoyed by the playful kittens, seem relieved, and so am I!!

This is just one example of how to use the Akashic Records and my simple visualization technique to solve problems. And, it also demonstrates that we are all connected somehow through this system, so when one being needs help, others intuitively step in.

If you'd like to develop your own intuition, you can purchase my simple tools (or, get them for FREE) at to get started.

(One final note: Lilly isn't running an official rescue anymore because her donations dried up, so I don't have a donation link for you. Instead, be sure to donate food and toys to your local rescue organizations as they are likely struggling to keep up with demand. And, of course, when you find an animal in need, help it out. If you can't afford food, but have room to keep the animal, simply ask for help, and 'ye shall receive! And, if you're in my area (Western North Carolina), and need affordable spay and neuter resources, post a comment below and I'll list them for you...I've got two great resources).

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