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"Ikigai"-Your reason for being.

As a 'futurist' or 'psychic', I'm often asked "What is my life's purpose?" What I've learned over the years is that there's not one perfect answer, but rather, a whole range of potential answers, which all depend on your creative ability to manifest them. It all begins with doing "what we love", that is, finding our "heart's desires", but this Japanese model goes several steps further. More below...

Ikigai, is a Japanese word, which translated literally would mean: “what is worth living for.” It has been touted as a multi-dimensional tool for all people who want to discover the meaning of life, and, well, be happy! I even found this summary of Ikigai on the World Economic Forum's website! (Wait a minute, aren't they advertising the idea that "you'll own nothing, but will be happy?").

What I find particularly interesting about this model is that it melds the demands of our "inner world" (heart, mind) with that of the world around us ( eg. getting paid for the work we love).

Now, in my personal experience, and that of many of my clients, sometimes the "getting paid for" portion can be daunting, especially if you're self-employed, and have to send out invoices or simply set a fair price for one's services. For example, I had a friend who gave up on a clever idea that was earning her money, because she was afraid to ask for more money to make a profit on it, and she hated sending out bills! Better to work for someone else, she decided.

Of course, we all have hobbies that may not yield enough income to pay for all of our bills, but in today's world, it's not uncommon for people to have several income streams from various "gigs". I myself make money from at least seven different sources, and I enjoy each and every one of them.

In today's world, despite the "lockdowns", and slowdown of global economies, there are many ways to find and express one's Ikigai to improve our lives. But, it does take work, and sometimes lots of experimentation to turn it into something that is also a full- (or part-time) money-making gig. And hey, if it was easy, EVERYONE would be happy, but that is the way of life.

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