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Is Putin gold and Bitcoin's best friend? You betcha! Predictions...

Congratulations gold and Bitcoin holders/hodlers. You're about to reap the benefits of your patient investments in these two reserve currencies...thanks to Vladmir Putin, of all people. More details, below...

Pictured below: Bitcoin's (BTC) up/down price movements have been tightly correlated with the movements of the U.S. stock market, but it's about to start 'chasing' the price of gold as gold continues its upward trajectory over the next 3 years.

Finally, the price of gold is on the move, hitting $1937/ounce yesterday (gold spot price, MONEX), and thanks to Russia (yes, Russia) that price should continue to increase, as high as $4,000 by the end of 2022. By early 2024, I would expect the meet or beat $11,000/ounce and could continue to over $20,000/oz by 2027, if not sooner.

Why suddenly, are we seeing this sudden increase in what has been a pretty lackluster market over the past several years? In yet another stellar interview with USAwatchdog.com, Bill Holter, expert gold bug explains:

“[Thanks to Russia, the U.S. dollar] is already getting creamed in buying power. This will ultimately affect all financial markets. It’s going to affect credit markets. Don’t forget, the dollar is a creation of credit. . . . This is basically a natural way of destroying a financial Ponzi scheme. . . . All Putin is saying is I want what’s best for Russia. We are going to sell our goods, we want to be paid in our currency and we are making it real by basically backing it with gold. We want real and fair settlement. . . . In what world would anyone have imagined that it was the ruble that took the dollar down? That’s what it looks like is going to happen.”

What is particularly interesting about all of this is that the cryptocurrency market, and in particular Bitcoin (BTC), the market's 'reserve currency', will begin trailing the price of gold by early 2023, if not sooner, and will be decoupling from the stock market!

But, if you think the U.S. dollar is dead, think again! While many believe that this is the end of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency, and that the petro-Ruble will take its place, Americans have a few more years of enjoying reserve status. Yes, will have to live through at least two (2) painful years of hyperinflation, and yes, much Russian blood will be spilled in and around 2025 thanks to a hot war that will kill tens of thousands of innocent people in the process, but the dollar will hang in there until...

...around the year 2030, China's centralized digital currency will surge forward as the

world's new 'reserve currency.' This will bring terrible news to the crypto market, which

I intend to exit by 2026, but should increase the value of both gold and silver, dramatically.

With that being said, the general advice is to continue to stack gold and silver, and view the crypto market as a relatively short-term investment (up to 2026 as I noted, above).

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