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It's happening! As predicted, Trump is being hog-tied with (fake) criminal charges.

Boy oh boy! The big banksters, the European Royals, their AmeriKan minions, and corrupt billionaires aiming to be trillionaires at your expense, are at it again with even more fake charges against President Trump. This is unprecendented, and as I predicted in a previous post, could lead to (an attempted) Trump assassination as soon as July of this year. If he survives (and I hope he does because he won't stop fighting), I wouldn't be surprised to hear that 'they' are attempting to jail the man, where he'll be stripped of all of his dignity, and most certainly a Republican nomination if they succeed.

What a Shit-Show AmeriKa has become. But hey, I'm not ready to flee the country yet, especially in light of the roll-out of the European digital currency and social credit system that will force every member country to compel its citizens to wear digital ID bracelets (kind of like ankle bracelets that some American prisoners are forced to wear). The good news is that Americans just aren't having it, and if imposed on the States, such a system won't last for more than a year or two before it collapses. So, for now, America is a safer bet....but only for the next 20 years or so.

Pictured below: The corrupt AmeriKan mainstream media are utterly delighted to see President Trump raked over the coals. (Sad!)

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