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It's happening NOW! Ukrainian baby bunkers are exposed. Are women being held as surrogate slaves?

In a December '22 post, I claimed that lab-made babies are NOT a reality, but that in the future, women would be held as baby-making prisoners instead. I expected this all to occur within the next 100-200 years or so, with the termination of the practice being around the year 2300 (if not much sooner).

Imagine my surprise to see this report out of Ukraine, where "baby bunkers" have been exposed. Check out the video below for more details, and if you're saying to yourself, "This can't be real! Those bunkers have been created to protect women and children, NOT harm them!" Well, all I have to say is that this is wildly naive! Ukraine is the most corrupt country on earth, and it's been proven that their orphan children have been trafficked and harvested for organs.

Plus, I am very worried that if the war were to intensify further, these infants could be completely abandoned, just like the domestic pets that roam the country after being abandoned by their heartless owners.

Remember, Ukraine was a strong Nazi ally, and Hitler is still widely worshipped there. The Ukrainian oligarchs and their corrupt president have no conscience, so I would not be suprised to hear that women (surrogates) are being held against their will in these places.

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