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Johnny Depp's sordid future. Will his ex-wife, Amber Heard, be vindicated? (Psychic predictions...)

Thanks to actor Johnny Depp's carefully orchestrated social media propoganda campaign (did you notice all those new Youtube channels and the chorus of comments singing oddly identical praises of Depp?), Depp seems to have come out slightly ahead of his ex-wife Amber Heard in an American court. As you might know, the duo sued and counter-sued each other for liable. Depp was rewarded a net $13 million by the jury (he was asking for $50 million), yet Heard's documented claims that she was physically battered by Depp were completely ignored.

What can we expect next from Johnny Depp? Is Heard's career over? More below...

Pictured below: Depp's 'people' claimed that the dishevelled actor was merely being escorted from his hotel rather than carried.

Like many of you, I initially got sucked into the social media support of Johnny Depp, and his claims that it was Heard (his 3rd or 4th wife?) who was the abuser. However, I double-checked myself against the Akashic Records, and quickly realized that she was telling the truth when she claimed that he was physically abusive.

Then, I started paying attention to the comments below the Youtube channels that mysteriously sprung up during the trial. Most of it was faked, paid for, and downright defamatory (towards Heard), yet the public sucked it up! Out of the blue, the has-been Depp that everyone forgot became everyone's favorite celebrity. How could Amber betray his goodness? Off with her head!

Yes, I believe Depp is a disgusting pig. I think he's S@@t his own pants (and bed) on more than one occasion. Yes, I think he would happily beat and strangle a woman a fraction of his weight and strength. Yes, I think he's surrounded by hangers-on who have a vested interest in keeping him addicted. Yes, I think that he has and will continue to blow through his fortune, and could ultimately end up in jail, and a shell of his former self (even worse than he is now), thanks to continued heavy drug abuse.

With that being said, I give this wretched creature (Depp) about 3-4 years before he (nearly??) kills a slim woman with brownish blonde hair. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he is assisted by one of his druggie minions in covering it up. And yes, it is highly likely that he ends up, and STAYS in prison, that is, if he doesn't overdose before that time.

Of course, at this point, his ex-wife Amber Heard will be redeemed, as so she should. Expect to see some sort of book deal follow for this woman, and a sudden surge in acting roles. If she were my client, I would tell her to lay low, and prepare. Although, I would say that in my opinion, she is fully justified in appealing the decision in the American court (if she can). The Akashic Records says at LEAST 9 of her claims of abuse are more than justified! (Of course we know that a court in Great Britain recognized 14 counts of abuse).

(Interesting fact: Narcissists like Depp will intentionally provoke their victims so that when they REACT, they can claim that it was the victim who was the abuser. It gets even worse with substance abuse.)

Please stop supporting this disgusting human being (Depp). He is not what he claims to be, and I can assure you, many of the Youtube videos, some of the "supporters" who showed up at his trial, and cookie-cutter commentators on social media, were bought and paid for.

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