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Justin Bieber's weird side-effects. Will it get worse? Shocking psychic predictions.

Singer Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share that he is suffering from a 'rare' condition called Ramsey Hunt Syndrome that is causing facial paralysis. While some doctors are hopeful that his condition, which is also making it difficult for Beiber to swallow, is treatable, I'm not so optimistic. Here's what I think could happen to Bieber's health. More below...

Watch: Bieber is suffering from facial paralysis and troubles swallowing, and as a result, cancelled his latest North America tour. Should someone tell this Canadian that people in his home country are already starting to win lawsuits against major pharaceuticals for these types of life-changing side-effects?

I am sad to say that Bieber's shocking condition will get worse over time. In particular, I'm seeing the onset of blindness, and even the need to use a wheelchair (if only from time to time). Honestly, I can't say that I can 'see' him return to his healthy, vital state, at least not in the near future (I'm talking YEARS of recovery, if he's lucky to live that long!).

His wife, Hailey Bieber, who suffered a rare 'stroke' just a short time ago, will also begin to experience more major health problems, but not for another few years. In particular, like Bieber, she will experience paralysis, and could lose strength in at least one hand, making it difficult to lift her arm and grip things.

I recently spoke to a local doctor who actually teaches other doctors here in the Winston Salem area. "Dr. Chris" is what I'll call him. He said that the experimental mRNA jabs masqerading as "vaccines" have destroyed (or, at the very best, merely weakened) the immune systems of those who willingly lined up to take one or more shots. Since each and every one of us has 'latent' viruses in us, as well as hereditary illnesses just waiting to rear their ugly heads, we're now seeing a surge in 'rare' and oftentimes deadly diseases emerge that would otherwise remain hidden until old age, or perhaps for an entire lifetime.

For those pro-mRNA skeptics out there who are still yelling "Prove it! Prove that what the Biebers are experiencing is related to the jabs!" Of course, it would be difficult to prove absolutely, but there is a scientific (data science to be more precise) thing called CORRELATION. There is a strong correlation between both of the Biebers getting vaxed, and then demonstrating documented side effects of the jab. And, of course, we know that the death rates of perfectly healthy young individuals like the Biebers has gone up 40% during the period that the jabs were enforced. So, the CORRELATION increases as we add this well-documented data into the mix. (More jabs, more 'rare' side effects and deaths...that's correlation).

OK, so if you want to know exactly HOW I KNEW TO AVOID THE JAB, and how I knew that it would cause death (especially the more boosters one subjected ones body to), I will be posting a FREE 'how to' exercise for members sometime within the next week or so, so stay tuned, and be sure to sign up for the FREE membership with your email so that you can be notified when it's ready. I think you'll enjoy it.

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