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Mariupol "False Flag" Bombing: Your tax dollars pay for this Sh##t, AmeriKa!

Here's a blast from the past (pun intended). Mariupol was a key battleground in 2014 between corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and Russian-backed separatists in what is now an independent nation called Donbas(s) or, more specifically "The Donetsk People's Republic" and "Luhansk People's Republic". And now, the Ukraine, emboldened by big money and military backing from the United States (read: the "IMF") is claiming that Russia has attacked Mariupol ("Ukrainian territory", they say).

Watch this big pile of steaming propaganda complements of CNN America (with a British accent, no less), and read more, below...

OK, I thought this was official years ago (check out this 2014 piece by a war-mongering American publication detailing the reasons why there's a fight over Mariupol in the first place), but apparently, to make a point, and perhaps to send a warning shot over the pin-heads of the corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs and other worthless friends in high places (President Joe Biden), earlier this year, Putin signed a public decree recognizing these 2 independent nations/republics.

According to the report, " Hours after the announcement, Putin instructed the Defense Ministry to send troops into the territories for what the Kremlin called "the function of peacekeeping."

Ok, to be fair, I don't think that the Donbass folks were actually expecting Putin to move that fast, and that hard. After all, they had grown used to the continual onslaught of attacks by the Ukraine.

Now, they're stuck in the middle, and are clearly being used as pawns in a massive chess game between corrupt Joe Biden's US military might, and the Russians who will, most certainly, stand their ground!

And, while the USA is sinking more and more money into the Ukraine in the form of military aid (to the tune over nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS!), peace deals will quietly be made between Putin and the money-hungry Ukrainian, spineless oligarchs.

The end result that I see is one of Biden running back to America with his tail between his legs...this after the handsomely paid-off Ukrainian oligarchs turn their wrath on the Americans. The morale of this story is "No 'good' deed goes unpunished for the good-hearted American public" who simply want to fight off the Russia "bad guys".

And, sheesh! Isn't it clear to see that Biden is the absolute worst "president" in U.S. history? I mean, c'mon people!

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