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Maui Update: Over 2,000 children still missing?! Is this Blue State Genocide (BSG)? Opinion

"The Hawaii State Department of Education issued a report Thursday stating that 2,025 students are not accounted in the Lahaina public school system in the wake of the August 8 fire that ravaged the town of Lahaina on the island of Maui," reports The Gateway Pundit.

WTF?! Over 2,000 children potentially burned alive after they were sent home early from school? Is this genocide?

Are Americans even safe from their own government? (More below...)

Pictured below: Here's a NASA image of the Lanaiha, Maui wildfires that (oddly) missed the mansions of the elites that surround the area. (Hey, Oprah!)

I believe it was in one of my President Trump predictions (I'm looking for it, and will post the link here) that I warned those who laugh at his misfortune should brace themselves for the consequences of supporting these incompetent and corrupt Democrats (and yes, Republicans are just as bad).

And, here we are, staring down what I consider the genocide of over 2,000 children (and even more if you include adults) in what is a solidly BLUE (Democrat) state!

Whether you believe these fires were intentially set or not, it's clear that the local and federal government are either completely incompetent, or intentionally working against the best interests of residents who were denied water to put out the fires, were given no warning of the fires, had their children sent home early from public schools, and were even blocked by the police when they tried to flee the area! (Please, someone explain to the the mindset of people who would actually SIT IN THEIR CARS and be burned alive!)

Now, as I wrote in a previous post, I believe that the elite who have plans to take over the land at deep-discount prices with be thwarted by lawsuits by locals who aren't about to give up their prized land. (Nor should they!)

These Hawaiians are setting a great example for the rest of us who should be prepared to come together to use (what's left of) our legal system to stand up for property rights and our general freedom and liberty. The State of California (another "Blue State") will certainly be under the gun to adopt a social credit system (or, lose property and rights), and I can imagine that fear tactics will be used against them (plandemics, environmental lockdowns, bank runs, etc.)

The bottom line is, we should all be questioning whether the Federal government, it's war contractors, the big banks, Wall Street, and the big corporations and elite who use it as a tool for untold profits, is no longer serving us. Time to "shut 'er down", but hey, it'll shut itself down all on its own when the money-printing stops! (2027'ish timeframe.)

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