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Meghan & Harry: Will their 'fairy tale' marriage end in divorce? (Predictions)

This morning, I was looking back at my May 2018 pre-wedding Youtube prediction for Prince Harry and his fiance (now wife) Meghan Markle. In that prediction, I had warned that Meghan was going to be thrown to the wolves (I'm paraphrasing) and that Harry wasn't what he appeared to be, but rather, was a big, boring baby. To make a long story short, I predicted that their marriage would end in divorce within 6 years. So, that puts us out to 2024 which is just a year away!

But, in their recent Netflix series where they gave us all a peak at their 'real life' behind the scenes, they seemed so happy! And now, it is rumored that Netflix is urging the couple to do a reality show.

Was I wrong? Will they be together forever, or am I sticking by the 2024 divorce date that I predicted in 2018. Check out my (revised) predictions, below>>

Pictured below: Harry and Meghan put forward a giddy-to-be-you-and-me image, but Meghan struggles to get Harry to participate in many of the joint activities she plans for them. He's just not "feeling it!"

OK, so let's look at some of the highlights of my 2018 Youtube prediction, which you can also watch down below:

(I said:) "I give them six years tops for an official divorce...but there will be plenty of talk about it before then, and we will start seeing problems in less than six months [from their marriage date]"

In their documentary series, the couple openly admitted to problems behind the scenes very quickly in their marriage. Meghan felt isolated, and Harry admitted to having regrets over the way he brushed her concerns aside.

Now, with regards to the six years divorce prediction, I would say that it could be well underway by 2024 as I predicted, but perhaps not made public at this point, or at least not agreed to by both parties. (I would expect it to be Meghan who will be the most willing to go forward with the divorce, while Harry hesitates).

However, by 2026, there will be papers signed, rings removed, and Harry should be on his way back to the UK.

Following the official divorce, Meghan will bounce back rather quickly. It seems as if within the next three years (from now), she'll be negotiating something new, perhaps some sort of reality show with Netflix beyond the current 'Harry & Meghan' concept currently on the table. And, rather than featuring her life with Harry and the kids, it will be more about her and her female friends. Girl power!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Harry will be happy to be paraded around in his military uniform, posing for the occassional photo ops, just as he has done since childhood. Like I said in my original prediction about the couple in 2018, Harry is BORING, and his life will continue without as much glamour and excitement as he's had so far with Meghan, that's for sure! I have a tough time even seeing him remarry. Honestly, it's kind of DEPRESSING!

So, why would Harry even consider getting a divorce if his life is destined to be so 'blah' without her? It all goes back to competition:

"It seems that both Megan and Harry want to be front and center, creating an unhealthy competition between them. They simply have not agreed to a blueprint of what their marriage will be, and this looks like it will NEVER be settled," I wrote.

Despite her best efforts to draw her husband in to a "partnership", he's just not on board for the type of charity work she wants to do. It's all about her personal causes with her being front and center, and he's constantly being pushed to the background.

Harry remembers what life was back in the UK when he was younger. Women practically threw themselves at his feet (I had alluded to his being a "player" in my 2018 post). He wants all that back, but sadly, he'll never get it back.

Finally, I had predicted that Harry and Meghan wouldn't have children, but they have certainly proved me wrong on this one! They have since had two beautiful children.

When Meghan and Harry do split, the kids will get the chance to travel back and forth to the UK to be with their father and his family. However, I do want to say that it is unfortunate that these kids will never feel 100% part of their British family, despite Harry's best efforts to integrate them into that life.

For this, I have to blame the British Royal Family, and especially Harry's brother, William (who will be King much sooner than we might imagine) and his wife Kate for making a big effort to push these kids out of the fold. It's all very cruel, and it will hurt Harry's little boy more so than his daughter in the long run.

The bottom line is that if I am right, and there's been a big competition between Harry and Meghan all these years, it will be Meghan who comes out the big winner. Harry's public life will just fizzle away. It's just sad that the kids will be in the middle of all of this!

Listen to my original 2018 podcast here>>

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