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Michelle Obama for President? I'm not the only one who thinks she's planning a run in 2024!

If you've been reading my posts lately, you know I've been warning about the potential for Michelle Obama (former President Obama's wife) to run for U.S. President in 2024, and win! Yikes. This will make her the first female president, but following closely on her skirttails will be the country's YOUNGEST president, Ivanka Trump!

Now, more media outlets are starting to pick up on this potential. (Check out thegatewaypundit's latest article on the subject here). More below...

Pictured below: Here's my 2016 prediction that Ivanka Trump would be the SECOND female president in USA history following a disasterous one-term presidency of Michelle Obama. Listen again>>


If you're an American with even a basic understanding of political campaigns in America, you know that the Obama regime knows how to run a slick campaign, and WIN major offices like the Presidency. They're deeply entrenched in Washington D.C., and they know how to steer corrupt agencies to their own ends.

(Oh, and they really don't care about the rest of us, even their loyal African American base! As a matter of record, they openly mock the stupidity of the American public behind closed doors.)

So, "if" (when) Michelle Obama is elected, we can expect to see war EXPLODE throughout the world, and especially with Russia (even more so than now). Plus, by 2027 we might even experience the release of yet another American lab-made virus on the public.

Seriously, I see Mrs. Obama "crushing" certain segments of the American public with her policies and covert activities, and coddling her supporters as if they are children, and she's their benevolent mother. It's an odd dynamic, and evil to the core.

What a mess President Trump's daughter Ivanka will inherit, but finally REVENGE will be hers, as the ruthless enemies of her father will be crushed like bugs by the cool and confident Park Avenue Princess. She's already compiling a big list of people who she intends to "take down", and while she won't begin this work immediately upon assuming office, she will systematically, and efficiently close down corrupt "departments" in most federal agencies when she does.

With regards to the nightmarish war "fires" with Russia that Mrs. Obama will stoke, sending the chaos out of control in many areas , this will be a tough conflict for the younger Trump to reconcile. It may take more troops placed strategically in the Middle East, but the strategy will be tight and effectively rolled-out. Unfortunately, I don't see any real potential for America to claim "victory" in this war by any stretch of the imagination. Tensions could linger for several more decades.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, don't be surprised to see the Dems continue the same tactics that they used on Donald Trump in a (vain) attempt to unseat Ivanka. She really will be unfazed, and will manage to insulate herself from the undo influence of the same type of deep state players who led her father astray on several occasions (despite his relative success).

If you recall, in my previous post about the IRS, I mentioned that, "By 2035, I would not be surprised to see the US government back up and running, but at a smaller and far more efficient scale." So, of course, we can see that Ivanka's 2-terms (possibly longer???) as U.S. President will be wildly successful, especially compared to that of her father.

And yes, in the video, I did mention that I saw Ivanka serving up to 12 years (versus just 2 terms or 8 years) in a high-ranking position, so we'll just have to see how this plays out. In the meantime, don't expect to purge the Washington corruption over the next few years. We're in for the "worst of the worst" when it comes to corrupt politics and politicians, and her name is Michelle Obama.

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