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Money seizures and CBDC are coming with the next Great Reset. It's almost here! (Predictions)

Just this week, I got a notice from Paypal that they had frozen my account because of "suspicious activity". When I logged in, they had questioned two small transactions: A payment for $40 from a friend of mine for 2 books, and another from a long-time customer of mine. I had to jump through some hoops, but my account of almost 20 years was eventually reinstated, and I was able to retrieve my funds that had been frozen.

I was angry, and of course, took this as a sign of things to come, which led me to ask the Akashic Records, "Will Paypal and the other banks seize funds in accounts en masse?" The short answer is "Yes!", but we've got some time. Here's what you can expect>>> (Scroll down)

Below: Rana gives some good advice on surviving economic collapse, and one of them is to have physical gold on hand.

As with most "economic resets" in the past, a new currency is issued according to some sort of standards agreed to by greedy, global banking oligarchs. Everyday people, who are left with the SHITTY version of the new currency, have their standard of living dramatically slashed.

And, in the case of the upcoming reset that I 'see' coming for the West in the year 2026 (that's four years out so you've got time to prepare), the entire Western banking system will actually SIEZE currency in bank accounts (savings and checking, personal and commercial), and simply replace it with a bastardized digital version that will be centrally controlled. In the process, it is safe to assume that cash withdrawals will be restricted (Nigerian-style) until the entire system is forced to go digital.

With this will come strict social controls, Chinese-style, in the USA, but I do not expect this to last longer than just a few months to a year before Americans get really pissed off and take action! It is simply Unconstitutional, and those rights will still persist for the next few decades. It will also bring with it a rise in share prices in the stock market, so there is a good opportunity there, beginning in 2025.

Unfortunately, I do not see Bitcoin surviving as a viable store of value, simply because it will become easy for a centralized banking system to block conversion into the CBDC. I've mentioned this before, but I plan to be out of the cryptos just prior to 2026. And while I do see BTC price hanging in there for a year or two after that, I can see it plunge to near zero. It will never recover.

As I said above, in the long term, a CBDC will not survive in the USA. We will independently recontruct our own currency system approximately 10 years out after several years of miserable failures under Europen Central Bank (elites, royalty) control. In a previous post, I pointed out that the USA will end up in a far better position than Europe:

"Finally, I would like to say that the US and European systems will re-organize, beginning approximately 10 or more years out, and I would expect the Americans to fully separate from their European overlords at that time. Honestly, I do not like what I see happening in Europe after 2029, but I'm encouraged by the US, especially if the States continue to exert control over their own destinies and stand by the Constitution..."

Finally, in my previous post, I outlined how I personally am taking the above information to set forth a plan for my own personal security and happiness in the future, which also includes accumulating some gold especially in the year 2024 (see my previous post). I also encourage everyone to listen to people, like the young woman above, who have lived through economic and currency crashes for ideas on how to hedge against such a disaster. Lynette Zang of ITM Trading is also another great resource.

For now, Happy Holidays!

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