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New IRS Agents INCOMING: Here's What You Can Expect (Predictions).

Below: Governor Ron DeSantis claims that the 80,000+ new IRS agents created by President Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" (or, shall we call it, the "Middle Class Reduction Act"?) will be "sicced on people the government doesn't like." Is he right? More below...

If you're an American, you've heard the general uproar over the Biden Administration's addition of 87,000 new (armed) IRS to the federal government. While many are concerned that these new agents will go after small businesses and the middle class, others (like VOX,, and more mouthpieces for our political oligarchs) claim that they'll be focusing their audits on the wealthy. And, they claim that these agents will merely replace the nearly 50,000 outgoing (retiring) agents, creating a small net addition to our federal overlords.

Who can we believe?

First of all, I do believe that the additional agents will replace those who are retiring, but the number of retirees will be much smaller...closer to 20, actuality. However, there is a bigger problem, and that is that the pool of applicants for these positions will be smaller than hoped, making it difficult for the federal government to fill all available position with qualified people! (Good!)

It will take some time to get this program running, but I would expect to see the new IRS employees tasked with a small "mountain" of cases by Spring of 2023. Considering, the fact that many of the auditors will be new, and perhaps not nearly as qualified as much of the outgoing crowd, expect much confusion and frustration if you are among those in that "pile" of cases to be audited!

So, who will be among this initial round of auditees? I don't necessarily "see" that there will be a focus on one class (the middle class, for example) over another. It is truly random, but I would expect more liberal states (like Michigan, among others) to volunteer (or, "sacrifice" might be a better word) their constituency to be guinea pigs.

However, I am not too concerned about the IRS in the short-term, other than my fear that they will "clog" the social security system with needless delays (see my August 3rd prediction for more info). As I look forward in time, I can see the potential for real tyranny here, especially if the agency is tasked with integrating some sort of "social credit score" into a UBI (Universal Basic Income) program.

These types of activities appear to really heat up within the next 5-7 years, and it could become a nightmare if left to its own devices. Fortunately, these programs, along with much of the US federal government as we now know it, could dissolve by 2031 (if not sooner) as the money needed to pay for them simply disappears.

I am not saying that the country itself will go bankrupt, but there is a strong possiblity (in my mind at least), that key state alliances could lead to a kind of tax revolt (I would expect to hear more about this type of thing by 2027). In other words, state coalitions led by the usual suspects (Florida, Texas, even California!) will take back control of the US, and simply escrow federal tax payments pending major overhauls (reductions) of the federal budget and activities.

By 2035, I would not be surprised to see the US government back up and running, but at a smaller and far more efficient scale. So, that's the good news, but the bad news is that we're in for over a decade of B-Sh*t!

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