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New Rhode Island (USA) legislation to double taxes of parents who refuse to jab their healthy kids!

Yes, it's true, and just a small sampling of the type of craziness we can all expect from our psychopathic leaders in the future. Samuel W. Bell (D-Rhode Island) joined by seven other progressive Democrat state senators, has proposed the "no vax, double tax" mandate that, if violated, would impose double taxation on parents who refuse to jab their otherwise healthy kids. What's next? More below...

Below: The Akashic Records gave me this little quote to better understand the thinking of a psychopath. I think it fits this situation (and the backers of this legislation) perfectly.

What's next?

I would not be surprised to see this legislation in Rhode Island gaining steam, and I can 'see' this state senator proclaiming 'victory' over its passage in just a few weeks. However, the pushback by the people in that state should tie this all up in court for some time, and ultimately, it will fail (so could Senator Bell's re-election bid, too).

State of Fear.

However, such measures only embolden the psychopaths who run other states in the U.S.A. like the State of Michigan run by Governer Gretchen Whitmer, and I wouldn't be surprised to see such draconian measures passed there with little pushback. The State of Oregon could follow suit, and perhaps some bigger cities like New York. I live in the State of North Carolina, and fortunately, I don't see our idiotic governor or our legislature passing such mandates (thank God!).

Threats of forced vaccinations will continue to live on throughout most of the European Union for at least another two years, and of course, the same holds true for Australia. (Australia, in particular, could attempt to force a total of six (yes, 6!) deadly jabs upon their population. Yikes!)

Eastern Europe which consists of many former Soviet countries like Bulgaria, remain wildly skeptical of experimental jabs, and I don't expect any kind of traction to force the population into complying with such craziness.

China will be interesting to watch, because the more and more they push the Shanghai-style lockdowns and forced jabs, the more the CCP party leaders and their minions are likely to face the firing squad in the relatively near future! (Go China!)

So, the message of the day is to never, ever 'feed the beast', or so to speak. The more you comply with the demands of psychos in charge, the more likely they are to up the ante with new ways to tax and torture us all.

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