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NEW! You've got questions, I've got answers. Cindy asked: "What about GLDG? Should I invest now?"

Special thanks to FutureKron member Cindy who bought me a (virtual) cup coffee and shot over this great investing question for the community. (More below)...

Pictured below: This Thanksgiving day (Nov 24, 2022) snapshot of GLDG shows a recent spike in share prices, but should you buy now?

As you may have noticed, I'm (finally) bullish on gold, especially physical holdings which should become quite valuable and USEFUL within the next five years as the entire (nearly) global system collapses. In a previous post, I wrote:

"No worries if you currently don't hold gold! Its value will not shoot up in price for another 2-3 years, and that's not before we experience more major price suppression through the beginning of 2025. Beginning in late 2025, we should see gold surge in price, and from there, it will climb steadily upwards for several years."

As for Cindy's question: "What about GLDG? Should I invest now?"

Thanks to recent promotions by the mining company, the stock increased from around the $.80-.90 range, and as of Thanksgiving was over $1.20. And, yes, I can 'see' that it should continue upward in January 2023 followed by a pull-back for several months, and then in the 2nd half of 2023 (around October), it should move upward again, with fairly steady gains. (My target price for this in late 2023 would be no more than $3.80).

The year 2024 won't be as good as one might expect for GLDG, so consider this a short-term investment, and consider re-investing after it bottoms out in 2024/2025 or simply purchasing physical gold during that same timeframe, following my general suggestions, above. (The latter is recommended by the Akashic Records).

Thank you so much Cindy!

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