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Is Social Media on its Way Out?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

It will take another 4-5 years for the big social media tech companies to be put in "check," but it won't be because of the government or politician.

You'd think that with all the social media censorship of just about anything right-wing, and their blatant blocking of hard news stories from places like the New York Post, that FB/Twitter/Google would be broken up in an anti-trust action, but no! It will be everyday moms and dads, and consumer advocates who will ban together to protect our children from the growing dangers of these harmful platforms that will finally scare the social tech companies into some semblance of civility.

There was a time when consumer advocates like Ralph Nader really made a difference by organizing, speaking out, and taking down companies who harmed consumers. Nader's consumer advocacy sparked a whole movement revolutionized consumer safety in the 80's and 90's, but has since fizzled out. Where did all of these advocates go, and where are they now when it comes to fighting big tech censorship? Will big tech win out with its abuse of censorship and freedom of speech, or will the government swoop in to save the day?

The future looks just about the same, but perhaps a little less draconian when it comes to big tech censorship, but it won't be because of big government.

Going forward just a few years in time, I can see that it will be "we the people" who will be banning together to create real change when it comes to forcing big social media companies to behave according to the law. I can even see a massive class action lawsuit that will pick up some steam, perhaps around one child or a group of children harmed by the platforms in some way. It will take up to 5 years or more to get the ball rolling on this, but such a movement will have legal "teeth" that could scare the big tech companies into submission (at least for a short time).

What's the moral of this story? Once again, we should not trust our elected officials to take on the leadership role they're expected to perform. You must "be the change that you desire."

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