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Now we know. It's the data analysts who are really running the show!

This is a fine example of data gone wrong...very wrong! New South Wales Liberal Party Premier Dominic Perrottet proudly admits that it was the data analysts around him who advised him to keep lockdowns, green passes, and ridiculous mask mandates ongoing, not because they were required, but rather, because they increase voter "confidence levels". More below...

As a budding data analyst and Artificial Intelligence aficionado, along with being a long-time 'futurist', I can clearly see that the data analysts and consultants who surround these mindless, low intelligence politicians, are now running the show. And, this low-life politician from 'Downunda' openly admits it!

Hey, that reminds me, didn't the whole 'lockdown' scenario start with a data analyst from the Imperial College of London who promised two weeks to "flatten the curve"? That "curve" quickly spanned the globe, and was used to justify lockdowns in many areas in the U.S. long, LONG past the their expiration dates. Combine this with the the "quiet whispers" of advice from a trove of data analysts and 'think tanks' who are deeply embedded in government at all levels, and you have a recipe for disaster!

What a world we live in, but it will get worse... Much worse! (More to come).

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