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NOW WE KNOW WHY... Yes, there is a global conspiracy in play to crush food production and energy.

Updated: Jul 27

Many around the world aren't aware that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) was established to rebuild Europe after WW2, but when things got back to "the new normal", the big-wigs (ultra rich and European royal elites) continued to "go big or go home" with huge investment projects around the world, all at taxpayer expense. Their next HUGE investment seems to be global tracking/control systems, that require (surprise, surprise!) lots of software to implement and manage (calling Bill Gates!).

Now, we see their plan in action in Sri Lanka. Who's next? (My predictions, below)...

Below: Watch the video at Thegatewaypundit.com>>

If you're an American, I bet you're wondering "When should I expect to see this system in the US?". Well, it's closer than you think, but thankfully, our country is divided into 50 states, and further divided by "Blue States" and "Red States" (politically speaking).

As you can imagine, this type of QR code rationing system will begin to be floated throughout the country (USA) within as little as 2-3 months, indicating that there are already plans for it. However, it is not likely to break through the ranks of Constitutional strongholds like Florida and Texas!

It does not take a psychic to tell you that California, who is already pushing for a $400 gas stimulus check to compensate for high gas prices, would most likely be the first candidate to roll this kind of system out. (Can you imagine that state's corrupt governor, Gavin Newsom, as the next President of the United States?! Yikes!) But, I would go one step further in predicting that we are only about 5-6 months away from California rolling out a full-on Chinese style social credit and tracking system! (Seriously Californians...get OUT while you still can!)

With this in mind, I am very, very ("extremely" might be a better word) concerned that here in North Carolina, we could see gas soar to $7/gallon by 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2023 (they have currently dropped back to as low as $3.80/gallon). Imagine what will happen with California gas prices! Imagine what will happen with food prices!

(As you know, I tempered my predictions about soaring gas prices here in NC in my previous prediction, and I was right...gas prices have softened, mostly thanks to dampened demand.)

The bottom line is, if you are living in an ultra-liberal state like California or New York, you are likely to be sucked into this Communist system just to survive, so now's the time to leave if you can. If you haven't begun to fully prep for raging gas prices which will affect food supply and other material costs, you have a few more months, and one more growing season before the worst really sets in.

If you are living in Great Britain or the rest of Western Europe, prepare yourself for a confusing and soul-crushing ride into dystopia, for you too shall be forced into these types of rationing/control systems over the next one to two years.

Ultimately, as I predicted in a recent post, this system of control won't last long and will take EVERYONE (including the mega-rich) right down with it. The key is to survive, and you will.

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