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OOPSIES! CDC's own data shows almost ZERO colds and flus for 2020/21. How is that possible?

It's the data set that we've all been waiting for, and it's right at your fingertips on the CDC's very own website. But, they've omitted one very important set of visuals, and we've got them!

Pictured below: According to the CDC's very own Fluview Interactive, the common cold and flu seems to have nearly disappeared in the 2020-2021 influenza season. Is this some sort of miracle, or have hospitals and medical staff been coding even the common cold as "Cov19" all along? More below...

It was a pretty simple exercise, really. I visited the CDC's Fluview website, and downloaded 10 years of "influenza" data for all age ranges. I did not touch the raw data at all...just enough to dump it directly into a simple Python/Plotly visualization tool, and voila! Here they are...the proof that hospitals and doctors have been coding the common cold and flu as "Covid19".

How do we know this? It's simple. There is no Covid category in the CDC's datasets. What you'll see coded here are common influenza types (Google them if you'd like to learn more).

Strangely, these common types (we refer to them as "the common cold and flu") have dwindled then disappeared, over the last couple of years. Miraculous!

The Data Doesn't Lie!

Okay, so let's talk about these graphs. First, you'll see that they're broken out by age range, and then by "season" (year), and then by type of endemic virus. Pretty straightforward.

What is common among all of the graphs below is that no matter what the age range, the cold and flu "season" 2020-2021 was an incredibly healthy one for everyone! (Sarcasm alert...Why were we locked down again?) Or, perhaps we've all been witness to the biggest medical fraud in human history, wherein the common cold and perhaps another strain of the flu, have been coded and reported to insurance companies and the CDC as Covid19?! And, our corrupt media has driven that fallacy home with fear-mongering, fake news, and hypnotic, spinning 3D virus that we just couldn't escape (on the news, that is).

Check out the following graphs in more detail, and you'll see the same gap in data as the above two charts. Be sure to visit the cdc's website, too, and notice that they're careful not to display this year-to-year view! Clever.

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