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Proof of Prophecy! Binance limits withdrawals of US dollars. Get your money out now.

Back on December 16th, I warned FutureKron readers that Binance was a CCP-linked entity, and that we should all GET OUR MONEY OUT! And, hours ago, they announced that they're halting deposits and withdrawals of U.S. dollars. So, get your money out now if you haven't already because they could be on the verge of a major bail-in and possible collapse.

And, speaking of bail-ins, I've warned readers in a couple of posts that the U.S. banks aren't secure, either, and that they could seize your money in just a few years. Yesterday, I updated FutureKron's (revived from the dead ;-)) Youtube channel with the following video that gives timelines and opportunities. Check it out below, and be sure to like and subscribe to help the channel continue its growth.

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