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Proof of Prophecy! Elon Musk assumes control of Twitter...in OCTOBER, as predicted!

Well, it appears that Elon Musk will FINALLY complete his purchase of Twitter, and as I look back at my April and May 2022 posts predicting that it would all unfold in October, quite frankly, I'm surprised, but this is how the Akashic Records works!

With that being said, I guess we're all wondering whether Musk will stand by his promises to "de-wokify" this liberal looney bastion of craziness and anti-free-speech. Here's what I think: (More below...)

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The imagery that comes to mind is of Musk being kind of a Superman of sorts (you'll get why I use imagery to make predictions if you've check out my FREE intro tutorial on using the Akashic Records to make predictions, as I do here). Surprisingly, he's riding high, and nothing (even pressure from the government or woke media, the latter of which Musk takes quite seriously) will "ruffle his feathers" or so to speak. He's just NOT going to lose money, and even a Tesla investment now (at the bottom of the market) should yield BIG gains by 2025 (thanks to the introduction of a line of mini-cars by late 2023, if not earlier).

I give Musk big credit for coming up with creative solutions to overcome barriers that will be put up to stop what I believe will be a "by the law", free speech platform. He just finds a solution, every time, and it usually involves MORE MONEY for the world's richest man!

With that being said, I believe that Musk's biggest accomplishment will be in the building of a smaller vehicle that is affordable to many more people around the world than his current overpriced sedan. For those of you who've already purchased a current model, you'll be eyeballing the "economy" models with envy! (Morale of the day: Don't rush into getting a Tesla quite yet!)

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