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Proof of Prophecy! Facebook (META) is crashing. What's next for Mark Zuckerberg? (Predictions)

Way back in early February of this year, following the one-day flash crash of Facebook's (META) stock price, I warned readers that the stock would not rebound, as many eager investors hoped. Instead, I pointed to the inevitable decline of the platform, and social media in general. (More below...)

Below: Dr. Turley's entertaining synopsis of the predicament that META currently finds itself in.

In my February 2022 post I wrote:

"...on a macro scale, social media as we know it is, in a way, "old school", and even Tik Tok will be feeling the burn when users grow tired of their services, too! Google, however, is much more "cleanly" managed, so I would expect to see continued and steady growth there, so be on the lookout for buying opportunities... However, avoid investments in META which are, and will continue to be on the "risky" side, in my opinion. Twitter too, may also be facing some sort of a break-up or reorganization, so sit tight on your money until 2023 to see what happens."

Pictured (left): As I predicted, META's price has continued to steadily decline since is big one-day loss back in early February!

Once again, I have to warn readers away from investing in this dying company. Not even Instagram, which was acquired by the company (back in 2012?), can save it. Instead, I would predict that Instagram will be spun off as a separate company, which should help its profitability without the drag of its parent company META.

And, what of the company's fearless leader, Mark Zuckerberg, whose net worth dropped by more than $70 BILLION this year? Honestly, I don't see him starting another company, but instead, I can 'see' him drifting away into oblivion. LITERALLY!

That's right, Zuck will re-imagine himself as a great space pioneer, and launch himself in a rocket right out into the galaxy! However, this could end in total disaster after weeks (perhaps months) of floating around aimlessly. That's right. Zuck will be f@#ked, and good riddance!

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