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PROOF of prophecy is in! Chinese starving their own people...abducting kids...pummeling puppies...

Hell on earth! Just a few days ago on April 13, to be precise, I predicted that the Chinese, rather than rushing grains to their own people in need, especially during draconian lockdowns, were actually DUMPING food into the ocean! I almosted hated to report what I 'saw' since it sounded so absurd, but I know from experience not to disregard information from the 'higher ups' (Akashic Records). Now, we know for sure that perfectly good food is being ordered dumped by the goons that serve the CCP, instead of being delivered to desperate folks locked into their crystal towers in 'locked-down' Shanghai and Hong Kong! What's next? More below...

In one of my posts from earlier in April, I wrote:

" I must add that despite the Chinese purchasing just about any food items they can from America, and shipping them by the boatload to China, much of this food is actually dumped offshore. This leads me to wonder if the CCP isn't actually trying to starve both the Americans AND their own people at the same time!"

Just two days ago, the above report surfaced, confirming my worst fears: CCP members are actively silencing dissidents by murdering them, and sending their children to re-education camps. And, in these video reports below (WARNING! HEART-BREAKING IMAGES) we see small children, even infants, left on their own, without their loving parents, and presumably, with limited care: Watch>>

And, in this report out of India, we see that even foreign representatives are being murdered in so-called "Covid Camps":

I can't even post the haunting pet-beating videos that are coming to me from a friend of mine here in the U.S. who was born and lived in China during the Mao purges. They are horrible, and evident that the CCP is using the very same tactics that they've used to secure Xi Jinping's "leader for life" status. These tactics are designed to demoralize the population, and make them compliant. And, they work!

Clearly, the United States and its allies have been heavily influenced by the CCP's harsh crackdown on dissidents, inspired by their centrally-controlled digital currency (CBDC), and eager to emulate them, but most Constitution-loyal authorities simply won't have it. As a result, mask and vax mandates have been lifted where they still remained (airlines, for example), despite the howls of the tyrannical left.

I always worry that the roll-out of a U.S. CBDC will lead us to the dystopian nightmare currently know as 'daily life in China', but fortunately, it will take much more than that to turn the U.S.A. into a bastion of horror in the short-term. However, the foundation is being laid for a hand implant accompanied by some kind of wiring which will contain every individual's personal information, and can easily be used to control them. This should come within the next 10-15 years within the United States. What's worse, babies will eventually be born, and immediately will be hot wired with a 'system' of sorts, which will affect and control their brains and even physical development. I think this is coming within the next 40 years.

I'll publish more details on these events in a detailed report, coming soon, along with ways to avoid this enslavement. So, stay tuned.

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