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Proof of Prophecy? Is this the crypto/BTC "double bottom" (reversal) I saw back in May? Maybe!

Whether you call it a "W" reversal, a "Double Bottom", or "Adam and Eve", many technical analysts are hypothesizing that Bitcoin (BTC) could reverse its bearish downward trend any day now. Even though I am not a technical analysts myself, intuitively speaking, I think they're onto something! More below...

Below: I think it's a "sign" that I started watching some of my old Youtube "moon boy" channels like MMCrypto (below) again just today. As you can see in my last post, I was beginning to second-guess my previous predictions, as the FUD became overwhelming! Check out his latest post as he describes the double bottom pattern I pointed out on May 11 on this blog.

Please note that the following is not intended to be financial advice! It is merely my own 'prediction' or opinion of the potential price movements in the crypto market, and should be taken as entertainment purposes only. Be sure that you never invest any money that you can't afford to lose, and apply sensible, dollar cost averaging techniques to minimize losses.

First of all, I want to say that my original "double bottom" prediction (dated May 11), wasn't entirely accurate. My timing was a little too optimistic, I think. (I thought the double bottom would hit a little sooner than it did!) And, as I noted in that prediction, I thought that there would be a bigger bounce in between the two bottoms!

So, yes, I've been buying back in, and I'm not too worried that another dip would be more than a normal correction.

Going forward, I can 'see' that we will not break-out big-time for another two weeks or so. Expect to see ups and downs in between, with mostly sideways movement on average. This provides an excellent opportunity to "buy the dips" as they say using tried and true dollar cost averaging invesment techniques.

Be sure to check out my other postings for some of my favorite picks with a little bit of timing prediction, and even some price targets, too.

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