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Proof of Prophecy! Liz Truss is OUT, the King is in. FULL-ON TYRRANY in Great Britain is coming!

As I predicted, Liz Truss has been ousted (ahem, "resigned") from her position as Prime Minister of the U.K., despite not really being that incompetent (as noted in my previous prediction). No matter who steps into her shoes, they'd better be prepared for a far more proactive and visible influence by the country's new King, who up until now, has been forced to run the country and his colonies through control of the UN, NATO, WEF and others. Get ready for full-on tyrrany, Great Britain! (More below...)

Pictured below: Prince (now King) Charles gives Prime Minister Liz Truss a civil handshake then kicks the door shut behind her (figuratively speaking). Who would he prefer? His loyal minion former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, of course! After all, Johnson successfully stopped peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in April of this year, extending the war to weaken Russia which increased profits for Royal-owned assets like BP, all the while upping inflows of cash from GB's American colonies into the royal military (NATO). I would even go so far to say that King Charles had a hand in the bombing of the natural gas pipelines, depsite the fact that it has hurt his very own country. (Is this, perhaps a ploy to drag the UK's "useful idiot" American colonies further into war with Russia?)

Just as a reminder, here's what I predicted back in early September:

"...I really don't have high hopes for Liz Truss to last longer than a few weeks to months in her new role! You'll note that I believed that the next PM would not assume the position "for at least another 7-8 months", which puts us out January or February 2023. This is just about the time that I see Truss outsted from the role, or at least so mired in efforts to oust her that she will quickly become a "lame duck"."

So, Truss is out a bit faster than I would have imagined ("The shortest PM term ever"), and now, we wait for the next fool to take over. Don't be surprised to see a lot of talk about former PM Boris Johnson stepping back in, but honestly, I don't see this ultimately happening despite the talk. Even then, by around April of next year, we could see another woman emerge, but she's not likely to last much longer than Truss!

Ultimately, as I noted in a previous prediction, I do see a male figure stepping up for a while, but, he won't last long either. What a royal mess!

By 2025, I would not be surprised to King Charles and his ilk completely taking over the government of the country in good, old fashioned monarchical style (that is, "full on tyrrany"). The Royals have been, for the most part, running the show for centuries, so why not make it official?

This won't bode well for the people of Great Britain who will have had enough of the Royal family by 2029, but will start rising up far sooner. If they haven't already, they're going to start seeing the stark differences between their relatively modest lifestyles and that of the pampered Royals, and will ultimately agree that the old monarchy, its special laws, over-reaching control and outdated traditions is just not worth it, and shout "Off with their heads!" (figuratively speaking, of course).

What's more, King Charles' eldest son, Prince William may forced into taking over much of his father's duties by 2026-2027. I would attribute this to illness or perhaps even the early death of the newly minted King Charles. Plus, the youngsters make the perfect "front" for the Royal gangsters and their friends, with their perfectly behaved children, and fine fashion sense. Still, it will not be enough, and ultimately, they'll slink into the shadows, at least for another century or so.

In conclusion, what I'm saying here is that the Royal family of Great Britain may be on its "last legs", and I can tell you, I'm certainly sick of these manipulators! Monarchies simply have no place in an evolved society, and Prince/King Charles' wicked leanings will most certainly seal that family's well-deserved fate.

(Oh, and might I add that it was Prince Philip who ordered the murder of Princess Diana).

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