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Proof of Prophecy! Looks like Elon Musk's Twitter deal has stalled (for now). Stock dips!

In my April 25th post, I had predicted that Elon Musk's deal with Twitter would "fall through" (or, at least appear to do so), but the news reports that followed Musk's initial announcement of his intended acquisition made it sound like a "done deal". "I must have been wrong", I thought, since I had predicted that the deal wouldn't be done so soon!

Surprise, surprise! In news reports just hours old, it appears as if my original prediction has come true! The deal has fallen through (for now), and the share price has dropped. More below:

Below: Fox News' latest news drop on the deal:

Back in April, here's what I wrote in my original post:

"#2: It may appear that talks between Musk and the company have fallen through about 3 months out, and the share prices will drop. However, Musk is both patient and persistent, and he will ultimately get his way!"


"#3: Twitter's price should rebound by October <<this would indicate the public announcement of a final deal being made>>, and after that, we should see some volatility, followed by a peak in price by mid-2023, as mentioned above. What is very clear to me is that Musk will receive loads of public/private investment in Twitter, making him even wealthier than he his now!"

I had also noted that Musk would NOT take the company private until sometime in 2023, so there is a trading opportunity there, if you're interested.

Be sure to read the original post, and let's see how this all unfolds! It'll be interesting.

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