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Proof of Prophecy? Maybe! Janet Yellen's new scheme could ELIMINATE the Federal Reserve!

In a previous post, and a post that I put on my old platform many years ago, I sang the praises of former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. In particular, I noted that she knew how to run a complex "shell game" of sorts, playing the entire banking system like a high level poker game. However, in his simple analysis of Yellen's new complex financial plan (watch below), George Gammon accuses Yellen of creating a new system that is overly simplified and certain to create an Orwelian (my word, not his) central bank that is far worse than the Federal Reserve!

Not so, I say! Yellen may have just created a system that could entirely eliminate the privately-owned and operated Federal Reserve (good riddance) and it could prevent the US financial system from a United Kingdom-style meltdown! (More details, below)>>

Below: George Gammon mocks Yellen's new scheme, but I think he's got it all wrong. Listen to his contrary opinion>>

If you've been reading my posts (here, and on my previous site called The Star Prophet, and Youtube), you know that, years ago, I warned that President Obama and his sleazy VP Biden (now, sleazy President Biden), cut a deal with the IMF to take over the U.S. financial system despite the fact that The Federal Reserve ("Fed") has been our central bank for decades. Since then, Yellen, former head of the Fed, has taken charge of the U.S. Treasury under Biden.

While many people, like George Gammon (above), abhor Yellen and accuse her of being a simpleton, I've held a far more different view. I think she's clever. And, the results of her new, scheme to start moving more financial transactions through the Treasury, could ultimately put a U.S. government institution (instead of the private Fed) at the helm of the U.S. economy.

According to Gammon, this, along with a CBDC (central bank digital currency), could lead to a dystopian nightmare, but isn't that what we're all facing now?

Is Yellen's true plan to set up a CBDC and roll-out a dystopian digital currency where every transaction down to the type of bugs you're forced to eat is controlled? Sure, that's a danger, but that is NOT Yellen's true motive. As I pointed out in my previous post:

"... the bottom line is that no matter what you think of Yellen and her allies in the banking system, there are players [Yellen] who are quietly working to preserve the current system, and the United States itself. In this manner, she is the big winner over her European peers."

I would expect Yellen, with her clever "slight of hand", to quietly funnel money into the U.S. Treasury, which will ultimately lead to the dissolution (or, serious marginalization) of the Fed in as soon as five years! In this manner, she will be successful in blocking further efforts by the IMF and other European, Chinese or Russian central banks who are dying to take over the United States and its rich economy.

The bottom line is, despite what the naysayers are predicting, Yellen has already begun the process of restructuring the U.S. debt, and has already played a critical role in preserving our sovereignty. She's a pretty big little hero, as far as I'm concerned, even though what she's doing is so complicated it's hard to really 'see the details'!

Oh, and one more thing, despite singing the praises of Biden, Yellen's no fan, and works together with her team under their own designs. The White House has NOTHING to do with it! They wouldn't understand it anyway.

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