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Proof of Prophecy: Putin's April deal with Ukraine, Donbas voting to rejoin Russia. Updates...

Back on February 28th, in my report on the Ukraine/Russia/USA/Europe conflict, I had predicted that Putin would negotiate a "truce" with Ukraine. In particular, I said "...I would expect a "truce" of some sorts very soon (within the next two months at the soonest)."

While this prophecy may have immediately appeared to be wrong, we now know that Russia and Ukraine had, in fact, negotiated a peace agreement in April (within two months, as I had predicted) that would have stopped the war. However, the West (Biden in the USA, Boris Johnson in the UK, and others), had intervened to stop the peace! (Check out Tucker Carlson's most recent report on the subject, and scroll down below for my new predictions...)

In that report way back in late February of this year, I had outlined the conflict in Ukraine as I saw it, and had pointed to the fact that the independent Donbas(s) region would soon be free of the pressures of Ukraine:

"...I am happy to say that over the next several months, and even years, the Donbas region will be feeling a huge sense of relief from all of this with Ukraine "off their backs" or so to speak. They will soon experience peace and renewed prosperity thanks to Russia, and should be able to continue good relations with Moscow, while maintaining their sovereignty."

Sure enough, today is the big day for the big Donbass vote (in several regions) to rejoin Russia, and I would expect to see that vote pushed through by a good majority (perhaps not an overwhelming landslide vote, but enough to push it through).

With that being said, I did predict that the Donbass would "maintain their sovereignty". While that may not be exactly correct (rejoining Russia would mean that they would be part of RUSSIA), I do see that at least for the next decade or so, their strong, independent leadership will be kept intact.

Please note that there is a smaller region of the Donbass who will vote against rejoining Russia (interestingly, this area is sandwiched between some pro-Russia Donbass regions and Russia itself), but they will ultimately be absorbed by the others.

OK, so going forward over the next 3-6 months, I believe that the Ukrainians will attempt to penetrate these new Russia borders, but their efforts will fail (in pretty short the next 60-70 days or so). Russia will successfully fortify their extended borders. Sadly, the Russians will extend an olive branch to the Ukrainians, only to be frustrated by their feeble (inept) and indecisive leadership, leading to more uncertainty and potential (nuclear) conflict.

The good news is that I do not 'see' Russia deploying nukes against Europe or the USA, but they are certainly poised to do so!

Yesterday, I saw a comment in a report that I was watching calling for current Ukraine President Zelinsky's death. And, while I'm certainly not calling for it myself, I do believe that he will be ousted as soon as March of 2023. Afterwards, the country (Ukraine) does settle back into a relatively quiet and peaceful co-existence with its Russian neighbors (at least for the time being). But, it will take another year or more (closer to 3) for those gas pipelines to Europe to be re-opened. Ouch!

Now, this is just a simple "summary" of events to unfold over the next few years, but I am very concerned about hot war that could break out within about 5 years. I have to do some more work to get more details, but suffice it to say, I've put the stops on plans to retire to Bulgaria (a former Soviet State), as I see the need to "flee" that area in five years were I to purchase a home there. I can also see money losses for people in that area, too.

To make matters worse, I see the United States crumbling apart as soon as 2028, which I've mentioned before, so I'm not so sure it's safe to be here either! What a mess!

More to come...

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